Making Beautiful Music Comes Naturally to Onirose @itsonirose

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Sometimes it takes something serious like a personal tragedy to make a person discover their true potential. Such was the case for Onirose, a singer/songwriter who calls both Germany and Barbados her home.

Onirose counts among her musical influences some of the world’s biggest singers and songwriters and their influences shine through in her music. Her songs are filled with syncopated dance rhythms and her videos feature lush and pretty locations, filled with equally pretty dancers and extras.

Her latest song “I’ve Had Enough” finds her laying down the law to a lover who has done her wrong.

“Get It In” is filled with a message of female empowerment, as she describes to her lover how he should please her. It has an island rhythm and features a guest rapping vocal from Charly Black.

In “Bad Boy” she sings about being attracted to the wrong guy but enjoying it anyway. It features a guest appearance by Gtsolo.

I sat down recently with Onirose to have a chat as she is enjoying a visit to sunny Bermuda. Enjoy our conversation:

Good morning! How is it in Barbados today?

Good morning. It’s a beautiful day, lots of sunshine!

You are so lucky to be in a tropical locale. How far are you from a beach?

I am literally 5 minutes away (walking). I cross the street and onto the pathway which leads to the beach.

Wow, I’m envious! How much time do you spend there during the year? Is it where you were born?

I wasn’t born in Barbados. The blood does however run through my veins, simply because a fraction of my dad’s side of the family hails from Barbados. I spend about 5 to 6 months per year. Not all at once. Sometimes less!

You also live in Germany, where at?


Now, how long have you been singing?

If the endless shower sessions count, the answer would be all my life. Really though, I began in the year 2014.

How did you get started?

Singing had been a lifelong dream, but for many years the dream was forced into isolation. Then I wanted to record a song as tribute to my mother. The dream had then awoken the moment I arrived and sat in the studio. It could no longer be hidden/ignored.

Was it good therapy for you? Was the song an original you wrote?

Therapeutic indeed. Yes, I wrote every line for her! The title: “Inconsolable.”

Oh, it sounds like it’s a really sad song …

It truly is. I would say though, it’s not nearly as sad/ dreary as the second song, “I Cry.” My friends and some members of my family could not bear to listen through the first try to the end.

Oh, I’m sure. Something so emotional and heartfelt … Had you written songs before this?

Yes, I began writing at around age 9, I believe. None of those had been recorded though.

But the desire was there early … Who were your musical influences?

The incomparable Whitney Houston … also, Mariah Carey, Anita Baker, Tina Turner, Celine Dione, Michael Jackson/Bolton, Alexander O’Neal, The Carpenters, Bob Marley, Garnet Silk and many, many more. We could be all day at this question. I love music, it is my life. It heals! And so anyone who creates inspires me … easily!

You have some power house influences there! Giants! Very inspiring. Now, as well as the music, you also dance … and act?

Dance, yes. Act … ermmm … I have done a few skits. Nothing major yet!

Haha … Ok … So listening to your songs, you really present a lot of female empowerment. Lots of your songs are about sex, but it’s the woman in charge ….

Uh oh! I have found only one to be entirely about sex. Although they have been inspired about actual experiences and may have suggestive titles, the actual story/message isn’t quite sexual. Yes to female empowerment, by the way!

Haha, true, they are sexy, more than sexual, but very much empowering to women. Where do the ideas come from, just experience or from other places?

Not all the experiences are my own. Places as well.

How much do songs change as you are recording them?

Great question! It had not been that way until recently. I had not changed much in the past, but that’s because I wasn’t recognized this much. As an artist begins receiving recognition for their work, everything mounts. The desire to produce exceptional work (quality/sound/lyrics) is the driving force and so the artist may often change lyrics, etc., in an effort to have a song that’s just as well received as the last or better. Errrr, that artist is me, lol!



Are you working on new music now?

I am. There will be new releases very soon.

Oh, exciting! You use male guest vocalists on many of your songs, how do you choose who to sing with?

Compatibility, talent and great work ethic.

Do you have a list of people you’d like to work with?

That list is too long I’m afraid. I am not being coy, but there are far too many talented people in the industry today. I couldn’t mention only a few.

That’s OK, names not needed. It’s just nice to know there are tons of people worth working with.


Do you have a band when you perform, and how often do you perform?

I have performed with a band before and other times not. I have not performed much of my own yet, but that will all change very soon. Bookings are currently being received.

Nice, now that you have a good handful of tunes, you could present a really good set. Getting yourself out there in interviews like this will help get you noticed too.

Oh yes! I am elated … I am grateful as well for such.

You travel a lot … Have you been to the U.S. before?

I have traveled to over 25 countries, but the U.S. Is not on the list. I have promised to visit ages ago and so I will quite soon.

What are some of your favorite places you’ve been?

Because I have seen too many cities to keep count, I will tell of my favorite countries. Monaco, France, UK, Jamaica and St. Maarten … Oh, Italy as well. I can’t mention Germany, Guyana and Barbados because they are all home.

What makes them favorites? The scenery? The people? The food?

All of the above and shopping. I love learning about the culture, history (including historical landmarks), etc., of each place that I visit.

Now, what is next for you?

Loads of work and travel … No slowing down! There will lots of new projects of which I am excitedly looking forward to.

Anything you can talk about?

We are currently awaiting confirmation from an artist with whom we thought to be wonderful to collaborate with. I do like for my projects to manifest before I mention who with/ what exactly. Why ever are some of us superstitious?!?

Human nature, lol!

Hehe …

OK, what did we not talk about that you’d like to cover?

I am very easy to work with and I do work tirelessly for anything that I am a part of … especially music, for therein lies my passion.

I am also a believer that we can achieve the things we believe we can and work towards.

You definitely are a smart, talented woman and a pleasure to talk to. I’m sure you’d be fun to work with as well!

Thank you, Rebecca.



You can find Onirose on Facebook at, on Twitter @itsonirose, on Instagram at, and on YouTube at .










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