Get To Know Scotland’s Single By Sunday @SingleBySunday

Photo by Nicole Eakins

Ever listen to a song and immediately know the band is going to be massive? I have — that band is Single by Sunday, four talented lads from Glasgow, Scotland.

Their debut single “SBS” had me from the opening perfect harmonies of “da da da, da da da … da da da, da da da” … it’s completely riddled with hooks, circular guitar lines and a bounciness that can’t be denied.

Remember their names: Jonny Eakins, Josh Ladds, Jack Black and Jorge Wilson. This isn’t one of those created groups, no, far from it. The four are high school mates who have pulled together their talents to create a product that is pure ear candy.

“Get Up Get Out,” their follow-up single kept the sweet bright bounciness, bordering on pop punk, and the next single, “Romeo” is a cool confection, showcasing the amazing harmonies I’ve come to expect.

“Atom Bomb” takes those harmonies even further, with a delightful stop-and-start tempo and a bass-heavy rhythm. It’s the perfect next step in the band’s musical growth. These guys don’t disappoint, ever.

I’ve been following Single By Sunday from the beginning, watching them grow and hone their sound and look. Their signature colorful hair — Jonny has blue, Josh has red, Jack has purple and Jorge has yellow — adds an element of lighthearted fun to their image.

I was very excited to finally have a chance to have a chat with the lads, right after their show in Manchester and while they spent a few days recording in Coventry.

A few days prior to the chat, fans were invited to submit wild and wacky questions for me to pose to the band and they answered each and every one of them. A big thank you goes out to all of the fans who provided questions.

Here is our conversation:

Happy birthday to the band! One-year-old! Can you believe it? What all have you accomplished in a year?

Josh: It’s been amazing. We’ve had such a fun journey so far. Some of our biggest accomplishments have been opening at the Scottish Music Awards, selling out King Tuts and the 02 ABC.

Jorge: And the Capital One to Watch winners, as well as playing in the Star Suite at the Hydro.

Can you believe how much you’ve accomplished already?

Jack: No, we never imagined that we would have achieved so much in such a short space of time.

It’s insane by today’s standards. How was Manchester?

Jonny: Manchester was awesome, such a great start to playing out of Scotland.  Can’t wait to tour or what not next year.

Was that your first show out of Scotland then?

Jorge: We went Wales last month to play the Geckgo Festival. It took a lot longer than expected because we broke down on the motorway, but it was definitely worth it in the end.

Oh no! Did anyone stop to help?

Josh: No, nobody stopped to help us, unfortunately. However, a lot of cars thought it would be funny to honk their horns at us as they drove by at 80 mph. The R.A.C didn’t turn up for 4 hours.

Wow! I hope you had snacks. That’s awful!

Jorge: I provided snacks for the breakdown!

Josh: Jack sacrificed a few toes!

Jack: Hahaha!

Haha! Good one! Now you are in Coventry recording … Can you tell me what?

Jack: Can I tell you what?

Haha, can you talk about the recording or is it hush?

Josh: It’s hush at the moment.

Fair enough … Can you say how many songs?

Jack: 9 songs.

Wow, I saw that mentioned, but wasn’t sure if I should believe it … Are we talking a full album?

Josh: You’ll need to wait and see.

Haha, no worries … You guys have fantastic harmonies! I was watching the live stream Friday night and was so impressed! Do you practice a lot or does it just come naturally?

Jorge: I thought they just winged it!

Jonny: Yea we practice a fair amount, but me and Josh have done several band type ideas before. So, we know how our voices work with one another.

Yes, Jorge, they did the other night, that’s why it was impressive. They made it look easy!

Jonny: We try our best.

You do quite well. Any ballads coming?

Jack: Not in the near future.

Hmm … Ok … I see you support the Teen Cancer Trust in Scotland … What have/are you doing for it? It seems a great thing …

Jack: Over the last year we have built up a massive online following and we are in a position that we can help support these charities simply by spreading the word on our social media. We also take part in charity gigs every so often. Certain members in the band have lost family to cancer so it’s something we support strongly.

I applaud you for this. It is a fantastic thing. It’s great to see you doing it!

That’s all the serious questions I have … Now I have a few fun ones — then I’ll be texting ones the fans have suggested.

Josh: Awesome! Fire away!

Jack: Mon …

What is the best practical joke someone in the band has played on the rest of you?

Josh: I bought George a watermelon and we named him Mark. That’s about as extreme as it gets.

Jorge: Hahaha!

Haha … Who has tattoos and what are they?

Jack: I wish!

Jorge: I wish I had one too …

Favorite songs to play as covers and why …

Jorge: “Year 3000” (by Busted) and “I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)” (by The Proclaimers). We like getting the crowd jumping with these songs.

Anyone have a celebrity crush they’d like to share?

Jorge: Scarlett Johansson

Jack: Leo DiCaprio

Jonny: Mila Kunis

Josh: Hayley Williams

Jonny: Or Sasha Grey … jokes on that last one

Nice choices! If you were starring in a movie, what would it be about and what would your character be?

Jonny: Sasha Grey

Photo by Jonny Eakins

Josh: The movie would be about watermelons and I’d play Mark the Watermelon.

Jorge: I’d be a time traveler trying to save the world.

Is this all in one movie?

Jorge: Yeah, why not?

Josh: Full trilogy, bro!

If you could have super powers for a day, what would you have and why?

Josh: To turn everything I touch in to watermelons.

Jonny: Invisibility

Jorge: Be able to turn things into chocolate

Is there anything you could give up forever?

Jonny: Watermelon

Josh: Watermelon

Jorge: Watermelon

Jack: Watermelon

You are giving up watermelons?

Jorge: Yup

Josh: Yup

Jack: Yup

Poor misunderstood watermelons!

Josh: It’s okay, Mark understands.

Oh, before I forget — how many street teams do you have now?

Jorge: (laughing emoji)

Josh: Too many to count. There are loads!

It’s amazing! I see new ones all the time … If you ever had a party for all of them, you would need a stadium! Which also brings us to the fan-submitted questions — There was a great response!

Jorge: Looking forward to these!

Ok … Would you rather puke Skittles or poop rainbows?

Jack: Poop rainbows

Josh: Poop rainbows

Jorge: Poop rainbows. Puking skittles sounds sore.

Josh: Tasty but sore.

Do you believe in the Loch Ness Monster and aliens?

Jack: Lock Ness Monster no, aliens yes.

Jorge: Aliens I do, but not the Loch Ness Monster

Josh: Yes, I have seen the Loch Ness Monster. Mark is my witness.

Would you go with the aliens or fight them?

Josh: I’d go with them

Jack: Go with? As in date, then yes …

Jorge: (laughing emoji)

 Lol! Favorite flavor of crisps?

Jack: BBQ

Josh: Prawn cocktail

Jorge: Probs Worcestershire sauce

You wake up as the opposite sex for a day — how do you spend your day?

Josh: Touch my boobs

Jonny: Get pregnant

Jack: Become a hooker

Jonny: (Laughing emoji)

In the zombie apocalypse, who from the band dies first, and who survives?

Jonny: Me

Jorge: I’d be the lone survivor

Jonny: I think Jack would survive

Jonny, you die first?

Jonny: Yeah, my cardio levels suck

Jack: I’m already dead inside

Josh: I watch a lot of Bear Grylls

Who is your favorite band of all time?

Jorge: Foo Fighters

Jack: Bass Hunter

Josh: You Me at Six

Jonny: Realistically — The Smiths; Musically — Nicki Minaj

If you met 5SOS and they asked you to open for them, would you do it?

Jack: Jk, no

Jonny: They’re successful, so why not?

Jack: Yeah, of course!

Jorge: I’d ask them to open for us, haha!

If you could swap bodies with someone, who would it be and why?

Josh: Vern Troyer

Jack: Will Smith

Jorge: Liam Neeson

Jonny: Steven Patrick M

Josh: Nah, mine would be Morgan Freeman

Jonny: Or Gordon Sumner

What will your next hair color be?

Josh: Our hair stays the same

Jonny: Agreed

If you were to kiss a fan, where do you kiss them?

Josh: On the air that’s a few meters away from the face

Jack: The ear

Jorge: Just on the cheek

Josh: The cheek. To clarify that is face cheek, not ass cheek.

Lol! I didn’t think otherwise … What annoys you most and what do you like best in a person?

Jack: I like people who are chilled AF and watermelon abuse

Josh: Watermelon abuse and I like a good personality

Jorge: People eating with their mouths open and a nice pair of eyes

Jonny: Personality goes a long way and most annoying would be eating with their mouth open

Any guilty pleasures?

Jonny: Jack’s just pleasure

Josh: Phil Collins is my guilty pleasure

Jack: TTYL

Musical inspirations? Almost done …

Josh: Ahmed Asghaf

Jonny: Nickelback

Jack: Nickelback

Jorge: John Bonham and Dave Grohl on the drums

Jonny: Or Nicki Minaj

Josh: Ed Sheeran

If you could play your instrument in another band, who would you play with?

Jonny: Neck Deep

Josh: 5SOS

Jack: Slipknot

Jorge: Deep Purple

How soon until we see you in the U.S. — and when you do, you will do meet and greets?

Josh: We are in the U.S.

Physically playing here?

Jonny: Next year, hopefully

Jack: Yeah, of course we will do M&G

Josh: We will hopefully get the opportunity next year if things go to plan. MDMA

Jonny: And yes, of course … Josh stop lying!

That would be great! Last fan question — and I’ve read them all to you!! ……

Jonny: (Laughing emoji)

If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests????

Josh, Jorge, Jack and Jonny: (No answers, just a flurry of crazy emojis)

Hahaha …. Well guys, thank you so much for making time to do this chat with me … Any last words for your fans?

Jonny: Just a huge thanks for being a part of TeamSBS!

Josh: (funny emojis)

Jorge: We love all of you!

Jonny: and we’ll hopefully meet them all one day very soon!

Jack: (more emojis)

Jonny: (funny emojis)

Jack: Keep safe

Jonny: (funny emojis)

Jack: Stay away from drugs and dirty needles

Thank you! It’s been brilliant!

Jonny: Thanks Rebecca!

Josh: Love our fans and we hope to meet them all someday!

Jorge: Thank you! This was fun!

Josh: Thanks Rebecca!

Jack: Thanks! See ya!

I enjoyed myself too! Thanks guys!!


You can find Single By Sunday on Facebook at, on Twitter at @SingleBySunday, on Instagram at, on YouTube at and on the web at


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