Singles Review: An Indie Six-Pack for September

When I get a craving for new ear candy, I head straight to the places I find it most – Twitter and Facebook. But these days, lots of new songs pop up unannounced in my email, just begging to be listened to.

This week I decided to feature six bright and bold new singles by solo artists and bands alike that have fallen in to my lap. Get comfortable, sit back and enjoy this assorted mix of ear candy. I’m keeping this short and sweet, and I guarantee there is something for everybody:


Lewis Armitage “Seas and Shores” (Wakefield, England)

There is genuine heartfelt emotion in Lewis’ voice making this simple tune quite brilliant.

TDH Studios

His deft finger play plucks a simple melody on the guitar filled in with some supporting, but not overwhelming, drums and bass.

“Seas and Shores” is a delicate, honest, haunting song written from the heart of a gentle soul.

I can’t wait to see what Lewis comes out with next as he continues to hone his skills as a solo artist.

For more on Lewis, find him on Twitter at @LewisAJMusic, on


Stephan Cole Photography

Edgar Duke – “Fear in a Bottle” (Leeds, England)

So many great indie bands are coming out of Leeds these days, it’s just unreal.

I’ve been listening to Edgar Duke for a while and the band has always impressed me with its stellar musicianship. The resurgence of rock and roll is in very skilled hands here.

Featuring Tom O’Reilly on vocals and guitar, James Raymond on drums and Luke Strange on bass, “Fear in a Bottle” hits all of their trademarks – it is funky and trippy, has subtle tempo changes and a sweet thumping bass.

A new Edgar Duke song is always a good jam – get this one in your ears and rock out!


You can find Edgar Duke on Twitter at @edgardukeband, on Facebook at, and on Soundcloud at



Karen Blinkhorn Photography

Joe Symes and the Loving Kind – “All The Things We Said” (Liverpool, England)

When a band calls Liverpool home, there are certain expectations that a listener looks to be met – from the sound, to the harmonies to the skilled musicianship – Joe Symes and the Loving Kind have it all covered.

Joe’s smooth vocals float over the music in “All The Things We Said,” a song that sticks easily in your head and has hooks in all the right places.  You just can’t go wrong. Ably supporting him are Colin White on percussion and backing vocals and Stefan Bujak on bass.

A hallmark of Symes’ style is not to over-complicate a song and it shows with “All The Things We Said.” Symes has more great tunes up his sleeve and a full album coming out soon.



You can find Joe Symes and the The Loving Kind on Facebook at, on Twitter at @JoeSymesandTLK, and on the web at


Curtis/Divided Designs

Twister – “Trees” (Durham, England)

Twister reminds me of old school rockers – the Poison/Motley Crue-style ones – who pack power in their musical punch via intricate guitar work and fill their songs with soaring harmonies and great choruses.

Stevie Stoker selfie

“Trees” is bursting with crunchy guitars and rollicking power guitar chords. It’s not quite metal, but it is good solid hard rock with pop tendencies.

Vocalist Stevie Stoker, guitarist Jake Grimes and drummer Joe Major are experts at their craft. (Bassist Matthew Whitaker just left the band).

This is the rough-and-tumble kind of excitement new music should offer – the kind that starts right with the opening notes and doesn’t let up.

Twister will be releasing a full album, “Designed State of Mind,” on October 10. “Trees” is the perfect opening single — it brings a warm introduction to this exciting band.




Get the single here:

You can find Twister on YouTube at, on Facebook at, and Twitter at @wearetwister





Winter Heart – “Daydreamer” (Athy, Ireland)

There’s something honest and gentle — but not too much so, about “Daydreamer,” the debut single from Irish band Winter Heart.

The band exudes dynamic energy as the guitars build and crescendo throughout, crafting walls of complex sounds.

“Daydreamer” has a hard edge and is a very majestic start for the band.  Choir harmonies and wistful vocals make it a powerful and exciting song.

There is a lot of talent shining through Winter Heart — and this song just scratches the surface of showing what is possible.



You can find Winter Heart on Facebook at and on Twitter at @winterheartire


Cameron James Brisbane Photography

The Begbies – “It’s Just the Way” (Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland)

… And now for something completely different … a bit of Ska to get you moving from The Begbies. Once the saxes kick in you know there’s a party under way. The reggae beat takes over and the fun kicks in.

It’s the perfect blend of tempo changes and the lively melody of “It’s Just The Way” that will set your toes tapping. This is a band that knows how to have fun.

Why have I not heard of them until now? I’d have been listening to them a long time ago if I had.

And there’s the band’s name too, which may or may not refer to a certain character from a certain classic film …



You can find The Begbies on YouTube at, on Facebook at and on Twitter at @TheBegbies.

















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