About Me …

Music is a passion of mine. It always has been. I grew up listening to Elvis and the Beach Boys, adding new wave and alternative as the genres grew. Depeche Mode is at the top of my musical loves list, along with the Cars, the Cure and Bryan Ferry.


Over the years, as a working journalist, I have had the opportunity to interview many of my favorite bands and photograph many of them in concert.

Now, I have been inspired again by some up-and-coming singers and songwriters that I have been fortunate enough to discover and I hope to share their stories as well.

As a reader, I hope you are inspired and entertained with my stories.


If you want to know the full story about my passion for great music, read the interview my friend Caroline did with me for her blog: https://shoonycarro.wordpress.com/2016/07/29/interviewing-the-interviewer-rebecca-singer/



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