Prime has that feel-good vibe with “In Summer” @PrimeUKBand


There is something about summertime that makes it the perfect time to release feel-good tunes. “In Summer,” dropped a little over a week ago by Nottingham rockers Prime, has that light and airy vibe and a fun chorus that will stick in your head long after the song is over.

With a teasing delivery from frontman Lee Heir, “In Summer” pogos around with bouncy rhythms and a sing-song chorus with great harmonies. Surf guitar licks and a pounding back beat and bass line just make this track sing. You can’t help but have fun with this tune in your ears.

It’s always a pleasure to have a chat with Lee about the latest project Prime is doing. Enjoy this quick read and then take a listen:

Tell me about  “In Summer” …

Lee: “In Summer” is the brand new Prime single … We just released it this time last week and it’s had really good response. It’s a perfect upbeat rock tune for this time of year, but it’s not all “happy clappy.” It’s about good times and bad … But this time the good times win out, which shows in the energy of it.

The video is great — it looks like it was a lot of fun to shoot.

Lee: Yes, we had a great time. We filmed the exteriors in Hunstanton, a very popular area of the East Coast here in the UK. My folks were in nearby Skegness and they reckon they could see us on the beach from the neighboring coastal town … I think they were winding me up though. A bit like when my Dad told me you could see the Great Wall of China with high-powered binoculars from Mutton Hill in my home town. (Laughs)

How was the weather up there? Really warm?

Lee: Yes, it was! Bad Friday Pictures produced it and arranged a drone camera for the overhead shots above the cliffs and beach … we were concerned as the drones would have been useless had it rained … Luckily it was a very sunny day. I managed to get my face and chest burnt so it must have been!

How many hours did you spend filming?

Lee: Well, we were up at 6 a.m. for the beach shots and wrapped up about 2:30 p.m. for fish and chips, I seem to recall. The night before, we’d filmed exteriors at the Air B’n’B we stayed at … Not that we told the owner!


I know you have changed the band line up … how is it now and more players coming on board?

Lee: We’ve actually had a pretty steady line up this year, apart from one guy who played one show as a stand in and was a complete clown to work with. Really, since the new year, the nucleus of the band has been myself on vocals, Kieran Hill on guitar, and James Alick on drums, despite real life and other commitments getting in the way.

Now we’ve filled the bassist situation for the moment with Jeff Boydon playing with us … and he’s actually a great songwriter and guitarist himself. We can’t wait to see what he adds to the table. It’s nice to book a string of shows and not be worried about the proverbial “weak link,” which we have in the past.

Have you been writing any new songs?

Lee: No brand new songs, but Jeff has bought some material with him to the table that he’s recently composed.

We’ve basically been trying to perfect some live material we’ve had for a while, including a song called “Shake Off” and one that’s been in the set for a while, “Let It Lie.” And throwing some covers in there too to lengthen our set, including The Kinks, Prince and Led Zeppelin.

Ooo, sounds cool! What are the covers?

Lee: The Kinks is “You Really Got Me,” Prince is “Controversy” and we’ve just took the bass line and made it bluesy as hell. The Zep song is “Rock N’ Roll,” which we’re going to try live for the first time on the short tour this month.

That’s a nice set of tunes. What tour is coming up?

Lee: We’re playing four dates in September, in Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester and London (As part of the Small Circuits tour — ). Had a great warm up show in Heanor, Derbyshire, last week too.

Do you have many fall shows planned?

Lee: We have a couple of all-dayer events and out of-town shows planned for October. We just want to not over-gig and make what we do count. Also had an invite to do a couple of shows in Belgium in the new year so can’t wait for them.

Do you enjoy acting in the videos?

Lee: Yes, I do … although, I was pretty much myself in the latest one? I remember doing a scene with Holly Taylor-Gamble (of the Nottingham band Ava Saint) in our old video for our first release “IOU,” and she was pretty much directing me! It took forever to do the scene where I was playing a “guitar case thief.” But I thoroughly enjoyed it, and hopefully have chance to have more of a go in future.

Perhaps a future (Robert) DeNiro … or (Peter) Sellers …

Lee: It would be nice if I could. They were brilliant. Actually, the first fun on stage vibes I got were in the school play when I was about 10 … I played a Sergeant Major in World War II.

I think I got the part because I had a grade two hair cut at the time, but then I think my teacher realized I was pretty good because she cast me as lead in the next play. I had to wear Lycra and dress as a wasp — which was a bit embarrassing!



You can find Prime on Twitter at @PrimeUKBand and on Facebook at .




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