Rock Your Summer Playlist with These Brilliant Tracks

It’s been a little while since I’ve done some reviews — moving houses and starting a new job has taken a bit of my time — but I can’t let summer close out without reviewing some class tracks that I’ve been listening to lately.

Nothing makes me more excited than hearing a new track from one of my favorite indie bands, and I’ve got a slew of them right here. Each and every one of them is a gem — for the best experience, headphones are heartily recommended. Turn them up and enjoy!


Mint, “Hypoallergenic”

This sweet little number starts off subtly, then kicks it up at the chorus with the energy I’ve come to expect from Mint. The electricity is kinetic as the tempo bounces right along with Zak Rashid’s distinctive vocals. It’s no wonder they are drawing big crowds at the festivals this summer and this is the perfect summertime tune.

You can find Mint at .


Sly Antics

Sly Antics, “Motion”

There’s a storm brewing in the latest Sly Antics tune … starting with the dragging low bass line and pounding tempo, wicked guitar riffs and frantic drums. Sam Buckley Hudson comes on strong with the vocals, punctuating his phrasing with precision. This is raucous rock and roll at its finest.

You can find Sly Antics at .



Partisan, “Too Late”

The Manchester trio takes a page out of the past and goes 80s electronica retro for their latest song. It’s quirky and original with their trademarks intact – a subtle bass line, slinky guitars and Stuart Armstrong’s silky vocals. This tune will quickly get into your head and stay there.

You can find Partisan at .



Oli Barton The Movement

Oli Barton & The Movement, “Kinky”

Never ones to repeat themselves, Oli and the lads take a surf guitar/Mariachi start to their latest tune and rock it out before adding strings and crazy guitar riffs. It’s a salty song sprinkled with stardust and enthusiasm. The full album is due out August 11 and I can’t wait to hear what other gems are hidden within it.

You can find Oli Barton & The Movement at .


Cat Lundy

Cat Lundy, “Triggerman”

This singer/songwriter from Dublin is a breath of fresh air – she is sweet, salty and a first-class storyteller with her latest tune. Vocally smooth as honey, Cat has brilliant rock and blues chops. She controls the song from the start, backed by a solid supporting band and harmonizing backup singers. Her full album comes out on August 25.

You can find Cat Lundy at .



Camens, “Redolence”

There’s a bright, shiny sound in the bouncy harmonies of the new tune from Camens. It has a slight tropical island sound in its happy melody, but doesn’t get sappy sweet. These lads are teaching a master class in songwriting with this delight, which is light and airy as summer’s best candy floss at the seashore. Keep your eye on Camens.

You can find Camens at .


Maker/Greig Clifford

Maker, “Girl Quit Your Crying”

The blues come through loud and clear from the first piano chords and guitar licks, then layer on the soulful, gritty vocals of Alessandro Marinelli and you’ve got yourself one hell of a combination. I constantly come back to compare Maker to The Black Crowes in their heyday, as I think they were the quintessential Southern rock and blues band of our generation. I think Maker can take it several steps further and make their own brilliant mark on music.

You can find Maker at .


The Riff

The Riff, “Weekend Schemes”

This happy tune is all about bright, bouncy pop chords and lively guitar riffs. The song grows bigger with repeated listenings as you hear different sounds that were missed the first few times. This is a different, happier feeling song from the Swansea lads than previous offerings, and it’s a wonderful fit for them. More, please!
You can find The Riff at .


Glass Peaks/Ant Adams Photography

Glass Peaks, “I’m Okay”

A frantic rhythm starts the track and keeps the pace throughout as it builds and grows. Solid vocals and great harmonies flesh out this sonic masterpiece. Glass Peaks is constantly changing and growing with each new track. It’s a great natural progression for this brilliant indie band.

You can find Glass Peaks at .


Hello Casanova/Larry the Dog

Hello Casanova, “I Am a Machine”

The Armagh, Ireland lads crank it up loud and lay it down hard for this little rocker. It’s more on the punk side than recent tunes from the guys, with a throbbing melody, ripping guitar riffs and thunderous drumming. I love the whirling dervish feel that follows the guitar play and keeps it chugging along.

You can find Hello Casanova at .


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