The Young are a Vibrant Addition to the Indie Music Scene @theyounguk

The Young

It’s always a pleasure to find a female-fronted indie band that isn’t afraid to rock. I’ve found just that in The Young, of Ilkeston, England.

The Young are Jess Breame on guitar and vocals, Jordan Wright on bass and vocals, and Josh Bell on drums.

“The Way You Get Me Going” is a vibrant, punky little number that bounces around with Jess’ clear, clean vocals.

“Little White Lies,” comes on hard and fast, changing tempo and stopping and starting. At just 2 minutes long, blink and you’ll miss it.

“Breaking Bad” is  bass heavy and punchy, with Jordan providing lead vocals on this hard rocker.

The trio is working on new material, including “Fake Fame,” which takes their hard-edged sound in a new direction, with tribal drums and smooth lead vocals from Jordan and great harmonies from him and Jess. It’s a fantastic new tune they may be releasing soon.

With this in mind, I sat down for a chat recently with all three of them. Enjoy the conversation.

Let’s start from the top … Tell me how the band came to be …

Jordan: We were just three youth that were all in school together that had a lust for heavy riffs and mental shreds.

Jordan, both you and Jess share singing duties? How do you decide who sings lead?

Jordan: Depend how the music sounds. To suit the voices, I normally sing the louder stuff.

Jess: And depends on if I play lead guitar, or not it all depends how the music goes.

What is each of your backgrounds in music? When did you start playing?

Jordan: Me and Josh were already in a band and we left more or less together and just start a new one with Jess.

Jess Breame of The Young

When did you first learn instruments? What got you started?

Jordan: The crowds. The thought of playing to thousands. I’ve been playing about six years, Josh has been playing drums since he was a sperm!

Josh: I started playing drums around 11 years and just started because I like music. Crowds are a nice add-on.

Jess: I’ve been playing guitar forever. Picked up an electric guitar when band started in 2012?

Who are your musical influences?

Josh: You name it, I love it

Jordan: No one from “X-Factor.”

Jess: Yeah, we have a variety of music tastes.

Jordan: Arctic Monkeys, Wolf Alice, Paramore, The Beatles …

Jess: But then we like stuff like Fleetwood Mac and older music …

Jordan: Jeff Lynne …

Ah, some good electro with ELO …

Jordan: I am partial to Harry Styles new album though …

Jess: Yes!

Is it completely different from 1D?

Josh: It’s got a slight Pink Floyd aspect about it. Completely different to 1D!

Jess: Completely different to 1D.

Jordan Wright of The Young

Interesting. How does your bands songwriting go?

Jordan: Write the music, record it … then write lyrics over the top.

Do you write the music as a group? Does one take the lead with an idea?

Jordan: As a group all the time.

Lyrics come the same way?

Jordan: Yeah, I’d say so.

What makes you unique as a band? What sets you apart?

Jess: Our music is different. I know a lot of bands may say that, but a lot of people who listen to different music, like our music … if that makes sense.

Jordan: Also, we have two singers – a bit like Band of Skulls … and there’s not many like that, I don’t think — like male and female …

Jess, what are your thoughts on being a female in a rock band?

Jess: I like being a girl in the band. It’s not often you get girls in bands, so it’s nice to see sometimes.

Do you get the due respect you should and are you treated as an equal?

Jess: Yeah, I’m treated equal. I’m not sure if some people think it’s strange, but in the 21st Century, I think it’s all equal, if that makes sense.

How much music do you have out now?

Jordan: I’d say about 4 or 5 songs, I’m not exactly sure. Jess will know.

Jess: We’ve got yeah, about 6 songs maybe, but we haven’t released anything for a long time because we are trying to write a lot.

Josh Bell of The Young

And you are working on new music right now?

Jordan: Yeah, we have got some new ones lined up.

Jess: We have written a whole new set.

Are you planning to release new songs as an EP or just singles?

Jordan: We will probably release “Fake Fame.”

Jess: We could release “The Way You Get Me Going” too.

Have you got many festivals this summer?

Jordan: Just one at the minute, Sausage and Cider Festival (July 1 in Derbyshire).

I saw the ad for that. Some interesting tribute acts there.

Jordan: Yeah, should be good.

Can’t go wrong with sausage and cider. What are your goals?

Jordan: To play to thousand all over the world.

Awesome! Do you feel indie music can rise again?

Jordan: I think it could come back. I’d like it to be more like 2005 bands again or even better, I’d love people to go to gigs like in the 60s. Have a fucking dance to proper music — raw music not laptop DJs.

Jess: Yeah I think bands are coming back, like pop artists are leaning more towards bands.

Did you ever participate in battle of the bands and what did you think to those?

Jordan: Battle of the bands aren’t about the music — It’s about how many people can you bring.

One last question — Do you think the Internet will hit a peak and the bottom will drop out and people will start getting out and socializing more again?

Jordan: Yeah, I think it’s starting to happen.

Jess: Even the other dude from 1D has gone more towards singer/songwriter. So if they can do it, then it’ll make it more popular.

The Young

You can find The Young on Facebook at, on the web at, on Twitter at @theyounguk and on YouTube at











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