Energy Abounds in New Music from New Columbia, Maker and the Northern Exposure Compilation Album

I love music that is vibrant, exciting and filled with energy – and I’ve got three album reviews that fit the bill perfectly. It is always exciting when the reviews are easy to write because the music is just so good!

Have a read – and a listen — to these:

New Columbia/Anton Sampson

New Columbia

New Columbia’s debut EP “Give Me” is pure, unadulterated great quality rock and roll, indie style – filled with vibrant energy and heady attitude.

Members of the band, from Prestatyn, North Wales, are Nathan Graham on vocals and rhythm guitar, Adam Bass on lead guitar, Robbie Lorey on bass and Liam Bateman on drums.

These lads find their footing early with lively bar room rock that is big on style and substance. The debut EP hits its mark with perfectly punctuated riffs and vocals. Just as you are getting into it, the EP is over and you need to listen to it again — repeatedly.

New Columbia EP “Give Me”/Laura Hodgkinson (LH Designs)

“Attitude” – It’s four on the floor as New Columbia tears into “Attitude” with well … attitude. A thumping bass line is punctuated by jangly guitar riffs and bouncy drum beats.

“Say What I Say” – Starting off with a warbly guitar riff and a low slung bass line, this slow burner takes you on a sentimental journey.

“Give Me” – Trippy and bluesy guitars and bass play a circular melody around this rocker that is just oozing with energy.

“Mr. C” – Bouncy guitars kick off this banger, an infectious little number.

You can find New Columbia online at and on Facebook at .

The EP is available at Amazon at  and GooglePlay at .








Maker/Naomi Dryden Smith Photography


From the opening notes of “Move Your Feet,” I was floored … Maker shares an uncanny resemblance to The Black Crowes in their early days – and that is absofreakinglutely fantastic!

From the vocals to the keyboards to the harmonies, I was a fan from the word go. There’s just something about that Southern-fried “preach it to me” rock sound Maker, of Kent, has that makes their sound fresh and inviting.

The tracks are so big and the hooks enormous they demand repeat listenings and each time I listen, I hear something new. Maker was made for earphones and to be played loud and proud!

When you’ve got that funky organ and kicking cowbell tearing up song after song – you are doing something right. These top-down, dirt road driving on a sunny day tunes. Crank them up!

Maker EP “Move Your Feet”/Trust a Fox Photography

Maker has the swagger and doesn’t just walk the walk, they talk the talk too.

Maker are Alessandro Marinelli on vocals, Andrew Donaldson on guitar, Gavin Donaldson on drums and John Austin on bass.

“Move Your Feet” – Funky, dirty, gritty, loud and exciting. This is what rock and roll is all about!

“Dead Ends & Avenues” – A locomotive of a track, this bluesy stomper chugs at you full steam ahead.

“Happening” – This – this is how you rock and roll! The wailing organ, the funky beat, the cowbell – can I get a witness?

“Quick Getaway” – The swagger comes through full throttle here, with a dirty bass line, the demanding organ and repeating guitar riffs.

“Get Me Through” – I love the steel slide guitar riffs, the rolling organ runs and the compelling voice of Alessandro.

You can find Maker online at on Facebook at on Soundcloud at and on YouTube at .

You can buy the album at their website or iTunes Googleplay or Spotify .




Vida/Tune Bird Press

The Northern Exposure Compilation Album

It is an amazing thing when like-minded musicians and people who love music come together to create something that betters the community and at the same time, shines a bright light on some of the finest indie bands in England.

Rachel Brown, who spearheads Northern Exposure, an online magazine out of Sheffield that leads the way in featuring the best in indie music, was instrumental in the creation of the compilation album, featuring 18 tracks and released April 28.

Northern Exposure Compilation Album/Brian Cannon (Microdot)

The album, in association with Well Suspect Records and Brian Cannon of Microdot (Verve, Oasis covers) is raising money for Help Musicians UK, a charity that helps people in the music industry deal with mental illness and other hardships. Help Musicians UK is the leading UK charity for professional musicians of all genres, from starting out through to retirement. They help at times of crisis, but also at times of opportunity, giving people the extra support they need at a crucial stage that could make or break their career.

The album is a veritable who’s who, with tracks from some of the best up-and-comers on the scene. Every track is a winner and I can’t pick favorites – it wouldn’t be fair. Be assured though, that all of the songs are amazing and the bands are brilliant live too.

All I can say is get your hands on a copy of this compilation because it is for a great cause that at some point, everyone is affected by the ripples created.


  1. White Room – “I Think Too Much”
  2. Sisteray – “Gentrification”
  3. The Slow Readers Club – “I Saw a Ghost”
  4. The Velcro Teddy Bears – “Somebody”
  5. Little Liam – “Need You Tonight”
  6. Veludo Planes – “Luna”
  7. John McCullagh – “New York City”
  8. Cabbage – “Its Grim Up North Korea”
  9. Scarlet – “Heavy Exchange”
  10. Stray Scene – “The Day the Clown Cried”
  11. Hollow Nothing – “Game of Love”
  12. Paul Fletcher & The Dukes – “22.02”
  13. Liberty Ship – “What Point”
  14. The Gallerys – “Imperfect Imperfection”
  15. The Rising – “I Want You”
  16. Paisley Sundae – “Had Someone”
  17. SAP – “Feel It”
  18. Vida – “Going Around”

You can get the album at .

The Slow Readers Club/Trust a Fox Photography










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