The Resonance Rock Hull With a New Beat @theresonance1

The Resonance/David Tuplin Photography

All it took was one listen to “Anaconda” — a lively synth pop/guitar rock number by Hull band The Resonance – and I wanted to hear more.

There is a cool party vibe that runs through their tracks, and it’s easy to see how they are able to fill dance floors with scores of listeners.

“Time” is light, has a sort of ‘80s feel with the jauntiness of the drums and guitars.

“Alibi” is a fun, poppy song, with lots of guitar noodling and a simple melody.

“Dayoo” is bouncy and bright and full of energy. The vocals are clean and light and it has a trippy drive to it.

Band members are Tom Leech, guitar and vocals; Steve Remy, vocals and guitars; Ryan Derwin, lead guitar; Jamie Honhold, drums and synth; and Rio, bass.

I was able to catch the full band together recently during a practice, and all five were happy to take part in a chat to talk about the band, the music they are working on and what’s coming up for them.

Here’s what they had to say:

As everyone gets here, give me your name and instrument to start, please.

Rio: Bass.

Remy: Remy, vocals and rhythm guitar.

Tom: Tommy the Lip — guitar and vocals.

Ryan: Ryan, lead guitar.

Jamie: Jamie on synth and drums.

What’s Rio’s last name? I’ve got everyone else’s …

Ryan: Thunder lips.

Jamie: Rio Trotter.

Tom: He only has one name, like Bono.

We can just list one name for Rio … So start at the beginning … Tell me how the group formed and when.

Ryan: Many moons ago before the invention of the wheel, is where The Resonance comes from, some say forged in steel, some say bathed in light, these gentlemen here were put on this earth to delight …

Tom: Next question?

Has this been the line-up all along or did it take a while to perfect it?

Tom: Started off with Tom, Rio and Steve (Remy). Ryan joined next then after jamming with a couple of drummers, we found Jamie. That has been the full line up since. The line-up has always been us five, but it was our sound that took the time to perfect.

I think it’s the keyboards blended with the guitars that makes your sound unique.

Jamie: I think it’s because of our love for early dance, house and trance. Bands like the Prodigy, Massive Attack, 808 State, Paul Okenfold, Barry Manilow and going into early Daft Punk.

 Yes, I can hear that … I also pick up a bit of New Order and Depeche Mode too.

Tom: It took a while to add the keys as we started off a guitar band, but once we added the keys and dance beats, we found our unique sound. We tried to fuse all our influences together from the Stone Roses, Happy Mondays with Daft Punk and The Prodigy.

The Resonance

How does the songwriting go?

Tom: All different ways.

Jamie: I think with us producing the music ourselves and our own different influences, we’re able to make each song have its own distinct quality. We tend to write as we record, that way we can play ideas back and forth and have time to let those ideas sink in, rather than writing in the heat of the moment in a practice room.

Tom: It can start off with one of us writing lyrics or a guitar hook, or Jamie can bring some dance beats that we add to. Songs kind of evolve from different ideas brought by any one of us. It’s when we record them and play them live that the song develops into a tune.

How often do you get together to practice and write?

Jamie: Once a week to practice. We’re always writing and coming up with new ideas. Writing — we tend to do it all the time sending ideas back and forth. We can record and add more as we need.

Ryan: That’s the good part of being self-sufficient and recording ourselves. You get the chance to sit on an idea for a bit and it evolves into something better.

Jamie: We can send mixes to each other and add and change those mixes.

Do you all have home recording areas then?

Tom: All we need is a room. Jamie is our producer.

Jamie: I run the samples and synth of a Mac Live which is also the recording project.

Tom: We’ve recorded all our tunes in each other’s kitchens or front rooms.

Cool! Very DIY!

Jamie: As I play those things live, I can change any aspect of them it gives me a better idea of which areas work in a song when playing it in front of a live crowd. Tends to be in houses as with the advent of plug-ins and software, it’s easy for a band to record a good quality song. We can mix it to our hearts content. We use studios too, but engineer it ourselves.

What is happening now?

Jamie: Rio finally found some milk and sugar and we’re in his kitchen.

Tom: We’re mixing a new song tonight.

Tea time then … Are you mixing the new songs I’ve heard a bit of?

Tom: Yeah, that’s the tune.

Jamie: It’s all been recorded and roughly mixes we’ve all played it and we’ve all met up to add things we can change about it.

Nice! It had a cool tribal feel to it.

Tom: That’s because Rio is a Zulu warrior.

The Resonance

Haha! How often are you playing live shows?

Tom: Two or three times a month.

What areas do you get to?

Tom: We play in our home town of Hull and we have played York, Sheffield, Scarborough. We’re booked to headline a stage at the Sonder Festival in Manchester this year and we’re playing Double Denim in Bradford, as well as Cornucopia Festival, Burton Constable Foundation, in Hull.

What other areas are you looking to get to?

Tom: We want to play everywhere.

Have you played outside the UK?

Tom: We’re looking to take our music to every city that welcomes live music. We want to convert everyone to a Resonance fan.

Any summer festivals lined up yet?

Tom: Sonder Festival in Manchester in July; Humber Street Sesh in August; Cornucopia Festival in September; Trib Fest and Arafest. We’ve haven’t played outside the UK yet.

The world is your oyster!

Tom: Perfect! We know our music goes down the next when we’re on a big stage with a big crowd.

What sets you apart from other bands?

Tom: We’ve got a unique sound that seems to have something for every one of ages. We also have two lead singers and each song is different to each other, but all seem to flow well in a lively set.

Ryan: We have got two frontmen, with a dance sound and guitars. Live, we’re a big sounding band. We get people dancing and that’s what it’s all about.

Do you have fans that are regulars who don’t miss a show?

Ryan: Damn straight!

Tom: We have our die-hard fans who come all over with us.

Are they like part of the family?

Remy: Yes, and the family is growing.

That’s great. What is your live show like?

Tom: Normally, everyone is bouncing and going mad. We try to get everyone dancing throughout. Steve gets the crowd hyped up. Beer gets spilled, people get on shoulders and everyone goes mental.

Sounds like how a good night out should be!

Tom: We try to make our gig a party and everyone’s invited. We play every gig like its Glastonbury and we try to get everyone involved.

The new single will be …?

Tom: We want to get “Anaconda” as new single and we have three more new tunes waiting to be released. We’re working on our debut album and hope to have it ready for release this summer.

Where is the music available?

Tom: SoundCloud at the moment, but we will have it available to download from all online distributors in the next month.

Has the band won any awards or honors?

Remy: Three times, Humber Number One winners (Hull Kingston Radio).

Jamie: Four times!

Ryan: They say it was a landslide …

Oh! Glad I asked! That’s awesome! Just for “Alibi” or any other song?

Jamie: “Alibi,” “You Don’t Know Everything” and “Shine a Light.” Twice with “Alibi.” They played us non-stop on the radio station!

Ryan: We’ve been getting regular radio play on a few local stations.


Tom: We have our music played at Halftime at Hull City at home games and we’re played on KC FM and HKR FM and Viking FM.

That’s fabulous! I love hearing that!

Jamie: Yeah, Hull City are in the top league of football here in UK — over 20,000 people! Manchester United fans, the lot.

Tom: Premier league!

The Resonance/David Tuplin Photography

You can find The Resonance on Facebook at, on Twitter at @theresonance1, on YouTube at , and on SoundCloud at













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