March Album Reviews feature One Eyed Wayne, False Heads and NEWT

My musical tastes are all across the board, but sometimes good, basic rock and punk is what makes my ears happy.

This week I’ve got that covered with brand new albums/EPs from modern punks One Eyed Wayne and False Heads, and new rockers NEWT. Each has something different to offer, but all hit the mark with their own style and spirit.

Music isn’t meant to be just heard, it’s meant to be felt – and you will definitely feel this.

Check it out:




One Eyed Wayne

One Eyed Wayne, “Attack of the Luxury Flats”

London lads One Eyed Wayne puts a new spin on punkabilly rock with their album “Attack of the Luxury Flats.” Formed in 2014, OEW brings to mind the aggressiveness of the Sex Pistols, while celebrating the rebel ideals at the heart of punk rock.

Punkabilly looks really good on One Eyed Wayne.

The lead tune “Attack of the Luxury Flats” is a spiky, punky and lively tongue-in-cheek body slam at Capitalism and the idea that everyone needs newer, better, bigger everything – regardless of how it affects others.

“1234” starts out with chugging drums and assorted cacophony of instruments as it goes full on punkabilly, and doesn’t slow down until it ends.

“Shakey Shakey” is a light, fun, throwback tune that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

“Tear Up” is bouncy, pop punkish/ska-ish song of a relationship going bad.

One Eyed Wayne

“A Little Grey Matter” is a happy tune, with a screechy organ intro, then guitar riffs punctuating the melody. It’s a fun little ditty.

“Various Artists” is a catchy number, with sing-songy lyrics and rollicking piano parts.

“Escalator” rides the scales, in this drinking tune. It’s the perfect tune for a singalong.

“LSD” is a right stomper of a tune, it’s happy, catchy and hooky. I dare you to sit still while listening to this one.

“After the Break” is an amusing knock at the adverts and movies on television – how they keep you waiting. It’s got a great beat too that’s built for toe-tapping.

“What in a Moment” starts out bass heavy with a punky vibe. It’s a nice reminiscing song, hitting highlights from the past.

One Eyed Wayne is on Facebook at and you can get the album at


False Heads/Gregory Hesse-Wagner

False Heads, “Gutter Press”

East London’s False Heads are one of the great next gen punk bands to pick up the mantel of rebellion and wear it well. A live show with the trio of Luke Griffiths, Barney Nash and Jake Elliott is a treat and they have been hailed as heroes by the legendary Iggy Pop, no less. It brings joy to my ears to listen to these lads.


“Twentynothing” has schizophrenic guitar licks punctuated by Luke’s sneering vocals. These lads come out throwing punches, striking anything in their way. There is nothing delicate about False Heads.

“Thick Skin” has hard crunchy guitar riffs pleasantly married with lighter runs, making this a joyful combination. It rollicks along

Heavy is the theme of “Slew,” with punky vocal thrusts and jabs as the song dances around your ears. A thick bottom bass line complements the thrashing of the drums.

“Weigh In” is a whirling dervish of a stomper It threatens to careen out of control as Barney bashes the drums, Jake rumbles the bass and Luke thrashes the heck out of his guitar.

“Comfort Consumption” lures you in with a gentle melody plucked out on the guitar on this tune that is as close to a ballad as False Heads ever gets, then just as you dare to relax, it smacks you upside the head with a heavy hand. It smarts, but feels good at the same time.

False Heads are on Facebook at and you can get the EP at


NEWT/Melissa Kynes Photography

NEWT, “NEWT” (self-titled debut EP)

NEWT, out of Belfast, Northern Ireland, are a new melodic rock band, creating tunes that are vibrant and bouncy. These lads have a hard edge to them and use it to their advantage as they mix sounds in a very nuanced way. Keep your ears on these lads. They are just getting started.


“Not Around” is a bright, smooth rocking tune with lots of noodling and heavy guitar licks. Angst comes through easily in the guitar riffs.

“On The Edge” features atmospheric guitar lines and insistent drums. The guitar, bass and drum take turns taking the lead in a kind of call-and-answer rhythm that plays out quite well.

“Dance” is bouncy, poppy, with noodly guitar riffs and danceable beats, and a keyboard and guitar that battle back and forth. It’s an earworm that will stick with you.

NEWT is on Facebook at and you can get the EP at





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