March Madness: Spring Fever at Full Blast with Big Crop of New Tunes

Creativity and excitement are on full display this week in the singles I’ve selected for March’s reviews.

I love finding new submissions for review filling up my inbox. It wasn’t hard gathering these cracking tunes — that’s why I’ve got a whopping 15-song set of reviews (although three are not out just yet … more on that in a minute!).

So, in no particular order, here are the songs with which I am ushering in spring from indie champions Luna the Professor,  Imbium, Prime, Partisan, Steevo Nuissier, The Dangerhounds, Scott Dean, Blaylock, The Boston Shakers, The Klares, Brightlight City, Sally Caitilin, Tiger Twins, Distant Blue and The Bad Habits:


Luna the Professor

Luna the Professor – “Class A.” A simple guitar riff starts off the latest song from Glasgow, Scotland, lads (formerly called The Vistas), then bursts into a wash of sound with great harmonies layered over power guitars. The sound buildup is powerful and the guitar noodling inventive.

Due to the band’s name change, the track has been held back for now. But keep watching — the new EP is coming soon and it’s going to be good!

Luna the Professor is on Facebook at and Twitter at @LunaTheProfesso.


Imbium/Rhona Murphy Photography

Imbium – “Say Anything.” Jangly guitars kick off “Say Anything,” a lively track from Worthing, England, band Imbium. Bouncy guitars and smooth vocals make this track a standout. A mid-song drum cadence breakdown leads to shiny guitar riffs in this sweet, lively poppy track.  I’m looking for big things from these lads.



Imbium are on Facebook at and on Twitter at @imbium.


Prime/Tom Morley Photography

Prime – “Bye Bye.” Nottingham lads Prime get groovy, funky and rock in the new trippy “Bye Bye.” This easy, retro-feeling tune bounces along like it’s carried on a breeze on a bright summer day. Vocalist Lee Heir hits all the right notes and backup singers add to the song creating brilliant harmonies.

Look for this song to be released officially April 29. It’s available to preorder and sample now at iTunes and Google Play. Links: , .

Prime are on Facebook at, Twitter at @PrimeUKBand and on YouTube at



Partisan/Samantha Guess Photography

Partisan – “Ashes.” Manchester rockers Partisan take it to a new level with “Ashes,” a scorcher track filled with intricately layered guitars and washes of sound. The trio pulls out all the stops with wicked riffs and solos and tempo changes. Bassist Danny Albon creates a great groove, new drummer Leo Stanfield rocks for miles and singer Stu Armstrong is majestic in his delivery. Long live Partisan!

But …. you have to wait until it’s released on April 7 to hear it …

Partisan is on Facebook at, on Twitter at @Wearepartisan and on YouTube at


Steevo Nuissier

Steevo Nuissier – “Emergency.” Layers of instruments and a low thumpy bass line start the avant-garde “Emergency,” a new track from French artist Steevo Nuissier who calls Oxford, England home. It’s a very experimental electronic track and has a bit of a shoegazer vibe to it. The last third of it takes a very aggressive stance. Check it out!

Steevo can be found on ReverbNation at

The Dangerhounds/Martyn Butler Photography

The Dangerhounds – “Nobody Gets Hurt.” Leeds lads The Dangerhounds pull out all the stops on their new thrasher “Nobody Gets Hurt.” Adam Hume has one of my favorite voices as he sings a tale of a bank robbery. This track is loaded with hooks, as per all tunes by The Dangerhounds. It’s true and pure sonic ear candy. Unwrap and enjoy!

The Dangerhounds are on Facebook at, on Twitter at @dangerhounds and SoundCloud at


Scott Dean

Scott Dean – “The City Falls.” East London musician Scott Dean has released “The City Falls” — with “The Dark Knight” as inspiration — a nice little easy rocker in the vein of Bryan Adams, with great strong vocals and haunting guitar melodies. The sound washes your ears and it is just brilliant. It’s a deep thinker too, if one listens carefully.



Scott Dean is on Facebook at and on the web at



Blaylock – “Lighthouse.” John “Franco” Blaylock, of Manchester, starts “Lighthouse” simply and gently with a melody on the piano, then builds to a full band. It’s a great transition, well-developed and fully bodied. His heartfelt vocals are sweet, but not sappy in the least. Sometimes simple is best when crafting a touching and insightful tune.

Blaylock is on Facebook at


The Boston Shakers

The Boston Shakers – “All Out.” Liverpool lads The Boston Shakers bring out their heavy guns on “All Out,” a real mover and shaker with a cool funky groove that just sucks you right in. An insistent fuzzy guitar propels this track with crazy energy. The variety of genres The Boston Shakers blend is amazing and works together fantastically.


The Boston Shakers are on Facebook at and on the web at


The Klares

The Klares – “Gooie.” The latest track from Irish rockers The Klares, “Gooie,” comes on strong with surfer rock-style guitar riffs then goes mellow before punking back up again for another round.  These energetic lads are explosive when it comes to performing. They grow stronger with each new track, exploring new directions and new harmonies.


The Klares are on Facebook at and on the web at


Brightlight City

Brightlight City – “Past/Future.” Surrey, England, rockers never disappoint with their deep, stomping, heavy, electricly-charged looks at the world. They raise the bar with each successive single and “Past/Future” goes a step ahead. Singer Jamie Giarraputo has a dynamic tone to his voice, commanding attention. This is a band that deserves to be on massive stages.


Brightlight City is on Facebook at and on the web at


Sally Caitlin/@kaylouhaskins/@timmarner

Sally Caitlin – “Lead Me Down.” Manchester singer/songwriter Sally Caitlin’s voice glides across an electropop landscape in the club track “Lead Me Down.” Her strong honeyed voice is a pleasure to listen to. Sally is following in the well-heeled footsteps of other vocal divas, but doesn’t fall into the trap of exaggerating emphasis on the lyrics.


Sally Caitlin is on Facebook at and on the web at



Tiger Twins

Tiger Twins – “Sunset Ocean” – You get wistful tropical vibe when the guitar kicks in on this new track “Sunset Ocean” by Tiger Twins, an indie band based in Leeds and featuring Tom O’Reilly of Edgar Duke and Shaun Hough of Marsdens. Elements of each of the mentioned bands are evident in the unique sound of this tune. This is truly a light and lovely piece of work.


Tiger Twins are on Facebook at and on Twitter at @TigerTwinsMusic.



Distant Blue

Distant Blue – “Story.” Long Eaton/Burton, England. An aggressive pop punk thrasher with spiky tempo jumps and lively guitar licks. A lively teen angst anthem that knows now to rock out. It’s a good debut effort from this new trio. Distant Blue is working on an EP that should be filled with great surprises.

Distant Blue is on Facebook at and on Twitter at @distntblue.


The Bad Habits/Catherine Frediani Photography

The Bad Habits – “Tied Up.” Liverpool lads The Bad Habits make a brilliant debut with a corker of a tune in “Tied Up.” The rapid-fire machine guns guitar riffs keep coming and lifts this song to great heights. This full-bodied tune is hook laden and infectious. Guaranteed you will be humming it after a few listens.

The Bad Habits are on Facebook at and on Twitter at @BadHabits_UK.





















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