Forte Make Plans to Release Next Single “Good Day To Die” @theforteband

Forte/Thom Spellman Photography

If you want to hear massive songs that stick with you long after they have been played, you need London-based rockers Forte in your ears.

I’m talking stadium-quality ear candy. The sweet stuff that makes your soul smile and your feet dance.

Harmonious walls of guitars laid down by Harry Patterson and Jake Ghosh; thunderous drums played by Reece Bradbury; throbbing bass from Sami Sogular; and lyrics that wax poetic as sung through the lips of vocalist Daniel Coburn. It all adds up to delicious sonic awesomeness.

It was a year ago I first interviewed Daniel and now, several member changes later and with new music, including the song “Good Day to Die” (which Daniel sent me a preview of) and a new video for it too on the horizon, I couldn’t wait to get an update. This time Daniel called on Reece to be his wingman – or straight man, it seems, in an entertaining banter-filled chat about Forte.

Enjoy our conversation:

I was just listening to your forthcoming track “Good Day to Die” … It really is a great song … Daniel, is the mix you sent me the final mix?

Daniel: No, it’s not. Soon to come.

OK, I didn’t think so. It’s still very powerful as such though.

Daniel: I haven’t heard the final mix so I’d be surprised … Is that the interview done?

Reece: These are easy!

Daniel: Thank you very much! Next!

Haha, you wish! How did this one come about?

Reece: Over to you, Dan.

Daniel: The song?


Daniel: Well, Harry sent me a demo with the instrumental and I listened to it and pretty much wrote it in about 10 minutes. There’s no hidden meanings or anything like that. Reece, what about the drums? Any hidden meanings?

I wasn’t thinking there was. It’s just kind of a wistful look at things …

Reece: If Dan can make a words fit in a melody and it makes sense, it’s a job done. Nothing meaningful.

Daniel: Thanks a lot mate.

Reece: I’d say the lyrics can refer to moments in one’s lifetime. Anyone can interpret it to how they want. As with most songs.

Daniel: But nothing meaningful.

Is the B-side to be released at the same time? And did you pick a release date?

Daniel: No, release date yet no, but I think we are thinking April. We was discussing releasing the B-side at a later date the other day, but nothing’s concrete. That massively unhelpful wasn’t it?

Haha, no, it’s all good. Tell me about the new man in the band — how is Sami fitting in?

Reece: Tight fit. The geezer’s huge!

Umm …

Daniel: Yeah, he’s bassist/security.


Daniel: Coz he’s big.

Reece: 7ft. Exact!

Daniel: We gave him the nickname “Sami the Hat” … But not once has he worn a hat.

Reece: Don’t ask.

Daniel: Don’t dig up old graves.

Reece: Don’t get me started on Mr. Spock!

Daniel: But yes, he’s fitting in wonderfully. Thank you for asking.

You aren’t looking to replace anyone else? They are all holding their own?

Reece: Really knows the tunes, and brings a heavy vibe to the stage. They’re all a bunch of metal heads. Jake is holding well. His guitar even has a handle.

Daniel: I would tell you Rebecca, but he’s sitting right here …

Best not to say then.

Daniel: Ha!

How is your music evolving? Growing?

Daniel: Not really. Shrinking if anything.

Reece: Ideas are always being flown about.

Daniel: We have just started working on a new bunch of tracks but nothing is ready for ears yet.

Reece: All shall be revealed.

Excellent. I think I’m wearing out the other tracks, I’ve listened to them so much.

Reece: Harry’s always pinging over ideas.

Daniel: If you’ve seen us live last couple months, there’s some new tracks in the set.

Reece: Throw in some Dan dust and it’s ready.

Daniel: Dan-druff.

Well, I won’t get to see you until you play over here … Or at least live stream it! Na, stardust!

Daniel: You pay for us and we will be over there. My bags are packed!

You just be ready for it to happen.

Daniel: Bags packed, Rebecca.

You said you have a video ready for “Good Day to Die” — tell me about it.

Daniel: We do … we do … Reece was there …

Yes, so were you, and Harry and Sami and Jake …

Daniel: Shit, was you there?

Reece: Besides the freezing temperature.

Daniel: We filmed it in a place called Botany Bay, near Margate.

Reece: On the beach.

Daniel: It was fucking awful conditions.

Reece: Nothing fancy.

Daniel: They’d have cancelled sporting events with this weather.

Reece: Not rugby!

Daniel: I’m still not over it. They should just cancel that anyways.

Lol! A concept video?

Reece: Based on one of Dan’s favourite films … Sorry, Dan’s favourite film.

Daniel: Have you seen “Brokeback Mountain”?

Reece: Exactly like that.

Ummm … Nope … Never did … I’m scared now ...

Reece: We are too!

Daniel: No, it’s loosely based on a film by Shane Meadows. It’s not actually like it. Actually it’s not like it at all. But we’ve stolen an idea … Keep it under your hat … or Sami’s hat …

What Shane Meadows film?

Daniel: Oh Rebecca, you’re trying to make me give it away before I’ve even seen it! Let’s just say it’s not “This is England” …

Haha, OK … We will make then wait to find out …

Daniel: But know this — It was fucking cold! Appreciate that!

How did you keep warm? Should I even ask …

Daniel: I want to say “Brokeback” style, but I’m better than that … A lot of running on the spot.

Reece: Sami’s preferably … Beanie … Jacket … We’re English.

Daniel: There was cars there … We got in cars.

Beer too?

Daniel: No we wouldn’t drink whilst making a video. We’d never get anything done. We went café.

Good thinking!

Daniel: Drank tea and got ripped off for fry ups.

Forte/Thom Spellman Photography

How do you set yourselves apart as a band, what keeps you different from all the rest?

Daniel: Reece? I always get myself in trouble with these type questions.

(After a long period of silence) … Has Reece gone and done a runner?

Reece: It’s a broad question.

Daniel: Nah, he gets distracted easily.

Reece: Ooo, shiny!

Daniel: We are different from other bands at the moment. We think we should be playing stadiums every week.

Reece: Capable.

Daniel: Should.

I agree. I think your sound is huge … Bombastic …

Daniel: There’s a gap there for that type of band. Our type of band. Everyone else is just A level art bollocks … Not everyone, but you know what I mean.

Yes, mostly everyone on pop rock radio …

Daniel: See, even you’re saying everyone now!

Reece: There is definitely a difference. There lacks energy in the charts now … and vibe!

Yes! It’s pablum!

Daniel: And I’m going to nod my head and make out I know what that means …

Reece: Quick dictionary check, Dan! Learn something! Google at the fingertips!

Junk … Garbage … Baby food … How is the release doing in Japan?

Daniel: Oh, the release in Japan is complete pablum! No, it’s good. We sold really well out there, all things considered. We’d love to go over there. I’m really into sushi at the moment so …

Do you have a lot of fans and followers there?

Daniel: Yeah we do and we’ve met a few. Reece can tell you about our biggest Japanese fan.

… Reece?

Reece: We have had a good reception from Japan. Shout out to Junko!

What’s the story on the superfan?

Reece: She has been involved right from the start, with Dan’s first band and with my first band, and bands throughout. Knows more about us than we do!

Haha, that’s brilliant.

Daniel: Yeah, she should be doing this interview. She’s great and sends me letters and Kit-Kats. They’ve got some mad flavours out there.

What part of Japan is she from?

Daniel: Osaka.

Reece: The Kit Kat’s are great, even bought my dog some treats! Legend!

Put Osaka on the tour itinerary!

Daniel: No more aloe Vera Kit Kat’s though, please! I’m not joking.

Reece: Agreed. Any Strayan’s?

Where is the furthest place you’ve heard from fans?

Daniel: From everywhere really … Japan, Mexico , Brazil , Australia, Hartlepool … That’s quite a tour.

Reece: Doncaster.

Daniel: Reading.

It is! Worldwide. Don’t forget the U.S. …

Daniel: And Ipswich. Yeah, get me to the States! The hot part.

Will do, soon as! As well as a world tour, what other lofty goals do you have?

Daniel: May as well aim high. In reality, I just want to record an album and release it. That will do for now. The rest should take care of itself.

Yes, shoot for the moon!

Daniel: Haven’t had any feedback on us from the moon, but willing to give it a try.

What do you need to get ready for a show?

Daniel: Ha, not sure that one is answerable. We just hang out backstage and take the piss out of each other really.

Like a pre-show psyching up?

Daniel: Not really. Reece has to shake his wrists a lot. We love it. We don’t need warming up.

Yeah, you should take it easy on him.

Daniel: On Reece? No, he really does shake his wrists before a show. Drummer stuff.

Lol! True, haha! Loosen them up!

Daniel: That’s it. Don’t know what you was suggesting …

… nothing ….

Now, is there anything else to talk about?

Reece: I’m getting good with my left.

Ummm ….


You can find Forte on Facebook at , on Twitter at @theforteband, on YouTube at and on SoundCloud at












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