Song reviews for February are Sweet Treats for the Ears

This month I have queued up an assortment of tracks that are sweet treats for the ears. I’ve got indie bands from Ireland, England and America.

It is always a treat when new tunes pop up in my email, just begging to be listened to. I’ve chosen nine of the newest arrivals to review.

No matter what kind of song you are looking for, there is something for everyone in my new reviews for February.

This weeks featured bands are North Lotts, Glass Peaks, The Black Jackals, The Shakers, Max Wegmann, The Clockworks, Hegarty, Paper Dogs and Vuromantics.


North Lotts/King Kong Club


North Lotts – “Reason” is the latest track by the Irish band North Lotts. It’s a strong track, that starts easily and climbs higher and harder as it goes. The hooks kick in when the chorus starts. Guitar licks build and go deep. It’s a powerful song that packs a heck of a great musical punch.

Find them on the web at, on Facebook at and on Twitter at @northlotts.




Glass Peaks/Ant Adams Photography


Glass Peaks – “Speak and Spell” is the newest track from the Kent, England band, Glass Peaks. It’s the perfect blending of guitars, drums and keyboards. A nice touch of electronica is infused in the background as well. Like all of their tunes, new nuances are heard with each listen. It’s deep, moody and the band’s harmonies are just wonderful.

You can find Glass Peaks on the web at, on Facebook at and on Twitter at @glasspeaksband.



The Black Jackals/John Latham Photography


Black Jackals – “Demons” is the latest release from these Liverpool rockers. Crunchy guitars and a strong bass line get this funky, groovy tune rolling. Repeating guitar riffs pull it all together. Shaun Gallagher’s vocals are lush and add a Mod appeal to this song. Keep your eye on these lads.

You can find The Black Jackals on the web at on Facebook at and on Twitter at @TheBlackJackals.




The Shakers/Jonjo Rooney photo


The Shakers –  “Brixton Kiss” is the newest tune from South London groove kings The Shakers. Prince-like funk, with flirty guitar licks and solos and tons of percussion. Instruments are intricately layered and placed with precision. It cuts a dancey groove, but keeps a comfortable rock feel.

You can find The Shakers on the web at on Facebook at and on Twitter at @theshakersss.




Max Wegmann


Max Wegmann – “The More I Say, The Less I Know” is the latest song from Nashville, Tenn., musician Max Wegmann. Max has a punky rockabilly sound that shines in “The More I Say, The Less I Know.” The tune has a great catchy, almost choir-like chorus that sticks with you. Check out his other tunes too while you are there.

You can fins Max Wegmann on SoundCloud at and on Twitter at @MaxWegmannMusic.




The Clockworks


The Clockworks – “You Are The Problem” is the latest song from Irish/English band The Clockworks. They are masters at weaving an interesting story through a class melody. The jumpy, sprightly tune takes off and rumbles headlong until stopping abruptly two-thirds of the way through, then picking back up where it left off. These lads never fail to surprise me with their new music.

You can find The Clockworks on Facebook at, on SoundCloud at and on Twitter at @daclockworks.





Hegarty/Ian Percival (Trashmonkey Pics)


Hegarty – “Black & White” is the latest release from Liverpool band Hegarty. The Scouse country rockers cut a nice swaggering groove with this bouncy little number. It’s got tinges of early ’50s rockers (think Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison) with the repeated melody on the guitar and bass. Keep an eye on these guys.

You can find Hegarty at on Twitter at @hegartyofficial, on SoundCloud at and on Reverbnation at




Paper Dogs


Paper Dogs – “No Signal” is a new tune from Belfast, Ireland quartet Paper Dogs. It’s an acoustic lullaby accompanied by strings. It has a wonderful blending of simplicity that builds with each new line until it’s a full ensemble of instruments. This track is nothing short of brilliant.

You can find Paper Dogs on Facebook at, on SoundCloud at and on iTunes at







Vuromantics – “Waiting on a Storm.” Yorkshire lads Vuromantics have written an almost rock-operatic tune, with delicate piano parts and heavy bass lines. It is slightly maudlin, but hopeful at the same time. Recently formed from the ashes of other bands, I see interesting things in their future.

You can find Vuromantics on Facebook at and on Twitter at @Vuromantics.











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