Glass Peaks Releases Gem ‘Speak and Spell’ @glasspeaksband

Glass Peaks/Ant Adams Photography

There is something about the music crafted by Kent, England, band Glass Peaks that is comfortable and yet exciting. The songs are so vibrantly textured and multi-dimensional that on repeated listenings, there are a trove of new treasures to be found.

They have just released their newest single, “Speak and Spell.” It’s a dreamy bit of atmospheric pop that brings to mind my all-time favorite band, Depeche Mode – from the electronic elements including the keys, to the lush harmonies – even the title (just a bit). It’s a brilliant song.

“Your Eyes” takes a syncopated rhythm and builds a masterpiece around it. Each instrument gets a chance to shine as all the parts are clearly defined.

Glass Peaks band members are Lewis O’Brien, vocals, guitar and keyboards; Jake Cox, guitar and vocals; Grant Tugwell, drums; and Alfie Jeffries, bass.

I was very excited to have the chance to chat with all four of the lads to learn more about these up-and-comers that you need to be watching. This could be a big year for them.

Here’s our conversation:

The band formed just last year … Tell me how it all came together …

Lewis — So yeah, we formed almost a year ago to the day actually. We rose from the ashes of a previous band. Someone left, and we decided to start afresh. New name, new look, new songs. We didn’t have a bassist so myself, Jake and Grant were just writing as a three-piece. Alfie and Jake used to work together and Alf saw something we put on Facebook and he inquired about coming to practice. And that’s it really!

I just watched the “Five Facts About Glass Peaks” video where Alfie said he had seen the rest of you play and decided to join … Has it been an easy fit for all of you together?

Alfie — It has been an easy fit, yeah! As Lew said, I knew Jake beforehand and got in touch after watching a Facebook video the guys posted up. After the second or third rehearsal I felt like I’d been playing with the guys for ages, so it’s been a very comfortable fit. We’re also into a lot of the same music, which has helped with writing etc., as well!

Very nice! I love the sound you are cultivating, and I can hear those influences well … Is songwriting a total group effort then?

Jake — Every track is slightly different when it comes to the writing process. Most of the early stuff came from me and Lewis writing basic tunes in his bedroom, we then took these to the band and we developed them into the songs we are currently gigging now. But more recently it’s a four-way effort writing process.

“Speak and Spell” is the newest single … Was it a whole group tune? It’s very dynamic, with great harmonies and the perfect blend of keys and guitars.

Lewis — It just started with mine and Jake’s intertwining guitars at first. Coming up with different melodies and lines to come off of. We worked on it for a couple of sessions until something clicked. Alfie was messing about with some basslines, until he started meddling with some synth and found that amazing sub-bass sound. Grant is so good at extracting the groove from anything and formulated a thumping beat!

I really like it! It fits together perfectly … I was also listening to “Home” … It is very atmospheric and entrancing. Was it a single as well?

Alfie — Thanks! We’re really proud of it. We’re glad you like “Home” as well! It’s in the pipeline to be a single, but it’s currently not released! You’re one of the few people to have heard it so far!

Oh, something cool to look forward too! So how often do you play shows?

Grant — Very frequently. Last year we were playing a show at least once a fortnight. And this is something we’ll be bringing into this year, with probably about a dozen shows already confirmed.

Have you got any festivals lined up yet?

Lewis — Yeah we have, but not nothing has been announced yet.

Oh, exciting stuff. I look forward to hearing about it. How is the music scene in Kent?

Alfie — Certainly! It’s gonna be a good year of shows and festivals if things all go to plan. The music scene in Kent is changing all of the time, there’s a lot of variation in the sound that bands are creating; that’s always great, though, as it means there’s always different bands to play shows with and different music to listen to.

Glass Peaks/Ant Adams Photography

What have you learned in watching and playing with the other bands?

Jake — We always stick to our guns and do what we do. We always bring the energy no matter how big or small the gig is and that’s something that will be a thing.

Your live performances look like they are very high energy — does the crowd feed off that energy?

Lewis — Yeah, they can get quite intense, we feed off of the crowd and vice versa.

That’s great. Now, the name … Where does Glass Peaks come from?

Jake — Well we got two versions of where we got our name from … the true one is — we were discussing band names for a while, I really wanted something to do with nature and we all agreed on having Peaks in the name as it fit the nature aspect and Grants favourite show is “Twin Peaks.” We then went to Tasty Chicken in Welling and while eating some heart attack central fried food, I looked out across the road and there was a glass shop, GLASS PEAKS …. the false one is — when you’re at the height of love/life/ your career or pretty much anything it’s always like your walking on a glass peak and you need to tread carefully because it could all fall through at any time. Deep, ah?

Ah …. Both answers are very good! You just had the release party, so what is next for you?

Alfie — We’re just going to keep playing shows, working hard and pushing ourselves to create music that excites people!

Perfect … Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Lewis – We’ve got a UK tour in the midst as well, over March and April. We CANNOT wait to get on the road!


Glass Peaks/Ant Adams Photography

You can find Glass Peaks on the web at, on Facebook at, on Twitter at @glasspeaksband, on SoundCloud at and on YouTube at







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