Bayonet Creating Brilliant Bright Pop Tunes 


There’s something bright and fun in the music of Sheffield lads Bayonet. It’s poppy, bouncy and very easy on the ears — and I love how the Yorkshire accent jumps right out.

Made up of Vince Ringrose, on vocals and guitar; Lewis Cain, on vocals and guitar; Danny Higgins, on bass; and Sam Chapman, on drums, this quartet has it all. Tight harmonies and slick sounds fill each song.

“Three Months” features Lewis on vocals with Vince adding the harmonies over a lilting pop track.

“Weekend” is a wicked devil of a tune, bouncy as a rubber ball and spinning like an out-of-control top. That Sheffield accent comes through brilliantly in the vocals.

“Heart Attack” is their latest track and it features bright guitars and more bouncy rhythms. It fits right in with the band’s style.

I recently had a chance to chat with Vince about the band, festivals and the new tune, “Heart Attack.”

So tell me how Bayonet started and when …

Vince: We first started practicing together in early 2014, but it wasn’t until June time where we thought let’s take this seriously! we all knew each other through 6th form/friends of friends kinda thing. Me, Danny (bassist) and Sam (drummer) were in a band around then, but I moved over to Malta and the band thing stopped. I left Lew (guitarist) my guitar whilst I lived out there, and when I came back Bayonet kinda fell together naturally.

So you have pretty much had the same lineup since the start? that’s great. You really know each other well, what your strengths are.

Vince: Yeah definitely, I think being friends before we started all his has helped in the long run, means no-one takes each others criticism/praise too seriously.

Bayonet/Tarquin Clark Photography

Do you write songs as a group? and you and Lew alternate on lead vocals?

Vince: Recently the writing process has been a group effort, but more often than not me or Lew will come into our practice space with a song we’ve worked on our own, and then everyone starts layering on top of that. personally I prefer to start a song on my own, it feels more comfortable to be honest.

Do you and Lew share vocals? Just wondering from the “Three Months” video …

Vince: Sometimes. We tend to give the lead vocal to whoever has penned the tune. I doubt the songs would come across as strong if I sung to much of the stuff that’s personal to Lew (or visa versa).

Having two strong frontmen is a good thing! I think it is a real asset to a band.

Vince: It’s made us more versatile definitely, and since the start the pressures been reduced.

I saw you had a big summer — various festivals including Dot to Dot and Tramlines — how was that?

Vince: Very good, thanks! dot to dot was one of the highlights of the year for us.

Do you have any lined up for next year, or are you looking?

Vince: Hopefully yes. We’ve got some decent people around us helping us out so fingers crossed they’ll come through for us!

Definitely! How is the music scene in Sheffield? I keep finding tons of great bands there and in Leeds …

Vince: Really strong! I’m loving some of the stuff coming out of Leeds at the minute. We’ve been lucky enough to play with Marsicans a few times and they’ve got some bangers!

Yes, they do. How are the audiences for you? Do they really get in to the shows?

Vince: Our audiences recently have got a lot better. I can’t remember the last show we played where there wasn’t some fans who’d come to see us.

I think we’ve improved our live show a lot over the past year, i think we’ve made it easier for people to get into us!

Are the venues you play large? That clip I saw recently it really seemed a good size place.

Vince: It honestly varies gig to gig. We can go from playing a 50 cap one day, to playing a 400+ cap the next day.

Do you ever do acoustic sets?

Vince: We have done yes. We usually play them with one guitar and four vocals.

That’s great, you have nice harmonies. Are you working on any new music?

Vince: We’re recording three unheard songs in January, hoping they’ll help shape a strong 2017 for us.


Well, you’ve got three strong ones this year, now with “Weekend” — I love that one!

Vince: “Weekend” is probably the song that’s stuck around in our set the longest! it’s a crowd-pleaser.

We’ve got a new single dropping towards the end of this month.

We’ve just filmed a video for it!

Yes, I like the video for “Weekend” — tell me about that … Where was it filmed, how many takes?

Vince: It was recorded on a country lane just outside Sheffield! To be honest, we only did two takes because it’s all we could afford, haha! They were pretty similar, think the only substantial difference was I had my hair down in one, and tied up in the other.

Ah I see … If your hair was the same for both, no one would ever know! Just to let you know, “Weekend” was my Track of the Week recently for Gabbie Cabbie AR’s radio show out of Birmingham …

Vince:  That’s brilliant! thanks so much, Birmingham, UK or Birmingham, USA?

UK. I am a contributing music editor to his show … each week I send him an indie band track to play. They seem to think I’m pretty knowledgeable about the UK indie scene — more so than most people there! lol!!!

Vince: I literally don’t know how you’re doing that from all the way out there, but thanks so much!

I think I agree!

It’s easy. I think I have a great ear — I should be a paid talent scout! But by doing interviews like this, I can make a bit of a difference for bands like you — and hopefully get you in the right ears to make success happen!

Vince: It’s amazing what you do. Bands like us at our level have gotta be so grateful for any help we get offered.

Aw, thank you! So what’s planned to finish out the year? I know you’ve just done a short tour … any holiday shows planned?

Vince: We’re finishing off the year with a single release for our tune “Heart Attack,” we’ve just sold out Leadmill in our hometown, Sheffield! So it should be a solid end to a big year for us as a band!

That’s cool! Are you going to live stream it? I think you should …

I can’t wait to hear the new tune too … when will it be out?

Vince: If you would like us too, then we shall try our best. End of November we are dropping “Heart Attack.” Hopefully it’ll help make for a better night for when we headline Leadmill on Dec. 2.

Bayonet/Jordan Grant Photography

You can find Bayonet on the web at, on Facebook at, on Twitter at,  on SoundCloud at and on Instagram at







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