Nine Top Indie Band Song Reviews for November

It seems like fall is the perfect time for indie bands to be releasing new music. My inbox has been flooded with so many  great new tunes it was hard to pick just six — so instead I went with nine. Each is a Track of the Week in the making and all are brilliant.

Get set — I’ve got The Sherlocks, Hello Casanova, The Dangerhounds, The Clockworks, Bayonet, The Outfits, Oli Barton & The Movement, The Chessmen and Wolves of Youth all cued up. Stand by …


The Sherlocks/Simon Dodd Photography

The Sherlocks

“Will You Be There” – This track is the next logical step on The Sherlocks ladder to success. It’s got drive, passion and energy – all trademarks of their songs. Singer Kiaran Crook is solid as a rock in his delivery, and guitarist Josh Davidson, drummer Brandon Crook and bassist Andy Davidson are the perfect support.

These lads don’t mess about – they storm right in, guitars blazing and are relentless until the end. In parts, it is musically harder than previous tunes, but shows the bands’ growth and how tight the two pairs of Sheffield brothers are. It’s just a matter of time before mainstream picks up on the boys, and having the song featured recently on an F1 broadcast is terrific exposure.



Hello Casanova photo

Hello Casanova 

“I’ll Be Waiting” – Along with a name change (from Foreign Affairs NI), comes a change in tone with the newest song from Hello Casanova. The Irish pop punk band has been crafting their sound for several years and usually take a more political tone in their tunes. This one is a pure, unabashedly outright romantic ode to love. It’s got lilting Irish charm and lots of heart.

I love hearing how the band has grown and matured. Matthew Irwin’s vocals become stronger with each new single, guitarist Ethan Williamson is contributing more vocals and drummer Martin Miller sets a solid back beat. Every tune from these lads is pure delight …. Their music is my ultimate ear candy.



The Dangerhounds/Martyn Butler Photography

The Dangerhounds

“Revolver” – This fantastic tongue teaser is a wicked delight. Singer/guitarist Adam Hume has a wonderful way with words, tongue planted firmly in his cheek. Band mates bassist Brad Moorcroft, drummer Tris Ellis and lead guitarist Obi Davis are perfect foils.

From the opening military cadence drum rolls through the varied tempo changes, The Dangerhounds have filled this song to the brim with fun. They are one of my favorite indie bands out of Leeds, a place which seems a mecca for fresh, innovative new music. Keep your eye on The Dangerhounds. (My favorite part? Be sure to listen for the “whoo” at the end!)



The Clockworks/Elisa Hoffmann Photography

The Clockworks

“Mazda” – There is something fresh and original in the storytelling technique of this quartet from Galway, Ireland. The first-person description of a night on the town is fantastic. Vocalist James McGregor oozes swagger and bravado in his singing as the beat stomps along.

Band mates Seán Connelly on guitar and backing vocals, Damian Greaney on drums and Diarmuid Prendergast on bass add just the right amount backing color needed for the song. This is a band growing stronger with each progressive single.




Bayonet/Jordan Grant Photography


“Weekend” – A happy, bouncy, poppy song with Vince Ringrose’s sweet voice floating on the top like the cherry on an ice cream sundae. It’s that sweet of a confection – and is way too short! Just as I’m bopping along, it’s over.

The song is constant motion, light and lilting, spinning like an out-of-control top. The Sheffield lads, with Lewis Cain on guitar and backing vocals, Danny Higgins on bass and Sam Chapman on drums make big, brilliant songs. You can feel the magic in the music.



The Outfits

The Outfits

“Little London Town” – A cool little rocker with reggae influences, this Sheffield/Leeds band has the classic rock sound nailed down tight. This is reet good old school rock and roll — they can mix it up with the best of them.

Band members Robert Sambrook on vocals and guitar, Michael White on guitar, Martin Walker on bass and Lee Barkley on drums work very well together. Each part is played to perfection and is well fleshed out offering a full-bodied sound. Watch these lads!




Oli Barton & The Movement/Katie Mallinson Photography

Oli Barton & The Movement

“Photograph” – Moody, eccentric and electropop … Oli has created a stunning, maddening tune here. Instruments are wicked, bass heavy and stomping hard. Oli is a modern-day crooner, singing of a cheating lover captured in a photograph. You can feel him sneering as he sings.

The London-based band with Guy Monk on drums, Marco Paone on bass and Ryan Wilson on guitar is a strong quartet. This is their debut single, with a full album, “Into The Back Room,” to follow in the new year. Be sure to watch for it.



The Chessmen/Jonathan Buck (Bucko Photography)

The Chessmen

“Cunning Linguist” – The second single from the indie rockers from Leeds sizzles and burns from start to finish. Luke Holdsworth, on lead guitar and vocals, Ryan Walker on bass and Scott Parker on drums are a tight trio.

This spirited little number has more get-up-and-go than an F1 racecar. It careens through corners with two wheels off the ground and doesn’t stop until the checkered flag waves at the end. These lads are full-on rockers and I expect big things from them.



Wolves of Youth photo

Wolves of Youth

“Say Something” — Smooth harmonies and thundering jangley guitars fill this new track from Donegal, Ireland, indie band Wolves of Youth. It’s a bouncy catchy song that shows the groups’ boundless energy. It jumps and crashes in your ears.

Band mates Garry Doherty on lead vocals and guitar, Stephen Shelly on lead guitar, Ciaran O’Reilly on bass and vocals and Daniel McGettigan on drums are a cohesive rock collective. These boys have done a fine job writing a cool, anthemic rocker.













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