Don’t Just Listen — But Feel the Music of Erica Move You @EricaBand10

Photo by Josh Sprigg

Erica’s music is more like a feeling … once in your ears, you feel it in your soul … it has depth, heart and energy unlike any other music I’ve experienced.

The three-piece band from Wincombe, England takes me back to my musical roots — its hard edge is reminiscent of the great American grunge bands of the 90s: Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains … and more.

“Slave Train” really hits the Alice in Chains button for me, with the low growly bass and even Dalton Woodward’s voice — it’s a great hook-laden tune.

“Hello Sunshine” is vibrant, glowing and ready to stomp on your feet. It is such a well-crafted song, building and ebbing before thundering back up.

“Never Punch Your Granny When She Shaves” is magical … It’s sweet, mellow … then suddenly — pow! It kicks into high gear and really rocks out. More on the fun song title in a bit …

Pete Foster Photography

Erica is one of 50 bands that will be playing Oct. 22 at the Oxjam Leeds Takeover festival (  and I was very excited to have the opportunity to talk to them about this huge show.

I managed to catch Dalton Woodward,singer/guitar; Will Hall, drummer; and Jason Burger, bass, prior to a band practice. Here is what they had to say:

So, tell me about the band …. How did it start?

Erica was formed seven years ago by Dalton, Jason and Will. Well, it begun when me (Dalton) and Jason started secondary school. At 12 years old, I started teaching Jason the bass!

A drummer came and went and when we were 16, we started Erica with the new drummer, Will. We are approaching our seventh year.

Wow … and where did the name originate?

Well, the idea behind it was simply not to be pigeon-holed by a name … It means “storyteller” in Norse …

and the band make the name, the name doesn’t make the band …

Ahhh … Do you have Norse in your background or do you just like the mythology? Exactly — it just made me wonder because I wasn’t sure what the connection was.

No Norse in me … however, I could pass as Nordic.

Yes, you do have the right look … So what are your musical influences?

Well, we love all types of music. We all bring different spices to the table … Jase brings the bass … I bring the tune … Will brings the beat …

Are there any particular musicians or bands you draw from? Your sound reminds me a lot of early 1990s groups — not quite grunge, but the harder melodic rock …

We were all 90’s kids.

OK … So what/who was in your headphones?

Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Kasabian, Supergrass, BRMC (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), Kings of Leon, Stereophonics, Pearl Jam, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Erasure …

Alice in Chains?

Alice in Chains, Chris Cornell, Alter Bridge, Soundgarden, Tremonti, Crowded House ….

Yep … I heard those influences … Love Chris Cornell! That man has a great voice and can write! Ok, exactly what I pictured.

We try to write a unique style amongst the world …

Tell me about the songwriting …

It happens … anywhere, anytime … it just does … no structure … just a subject … a thought maybe …

So you are always ready to write down ideas?

Don’t write them down often … just remember until it’s stone on the CD, then I learn all over again.

Do you get out a recorder or use the phone?

If we’re at practice and we have a few idea’s going, we do use the odd voice memo.

So does everyone jump in and help build the song? Words first or last — or it depends?

It just happens … WE JAM!

So it’s almost … mystical? Ethereal … how it happens? Do you record it as you go?

The odd time I’ll grab the voice memo out, but mostly mystical and smokey …

I think that’s cool … Your songs have a great depth to them … On the surface, they don’t seem complex but as you listen, they evolve that way …

Thank you! You get it!


Listening to “Never Punch Your Granny” … brought that out … Now, what about that title?

The driver, Shaky! Probably the best bloke in the world … Drives us everywhere and we drive him mad!

He is the kindest, craziest, most lovable guy ever. Nuts … Kept saying it all the time so we wrote a song about it.

That’s great!

It just happened!

How often are you playing shows?

Festival season nearly over! Just doing our thing. The music videos and shows are coming soon and hard. At the moment, we’re preparing.

Has it been really busy this summer?

Busier every year!

That’s great — it means you are growing!


We’re off up to practice at 9 so gotta leave in 5! Last question?

OK … Let’s see … What will we see and hear at Oxjam? I’m excited because I will be there!

You will hear my voice and hear the words I say. You don’t have to believe them though …

Will you be rocking the house?

Don’t be modest Dalt! (band manager Jez here)

Don’t come a’knockin if the house is a’rockin, me lady! Big love and thanks for your time!


Lucy McD photography


You can find Erica on Twitter at @EricaBand10, on Facebook at, on the web at, on YouTube at and on Soundcloud at












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