Oxjam Leeds Takeover Festival Preview @Oxjam_Leeds


Have you heard of the Oxjam Leeds Takeover Festival? It’s happening October 22 in Leeds, England.

More than 50 bands will be playing in 10 venues throughout Leeds City Centre and I have the honor and pleasure of helping to spotlight many of the bands taking part in interviews to be printed between now and the festival.

Tickets are a mere £10 per person and cover admission for all venues taking part in the 10-hour festival. This is indeed a true bargain! Complete details available here: http://oxjamleeds.co.uk/.

Various cities throughout the UK are hosting Oxjam concerts this fall, with proceeds to benefit Oxfam, a global organization that is working to end poverty worldwide. Learn more about Oxfam here: http://www.oxfam.org.uk/what-we-do/the-impact-of-our-work.

In August, I was contacted by Fiona, one of the organizers, to see if I could put her in touch with some brilliant Leeds bands who might be interested in playing, and to write preview interviews to promote the festival. Needless to say I was delighted to be asked and proceeded to rattle off a list of the bands I’ve already discovered, including Sly Antics, The Barmines, The Dangerhounds, The Brazen and Red Light Revival.

While The Barmines are unfortunately playing in London that night, the remainder of the bands are all in the line-up! In case you missed it, here are links to each of their interviews that were done previously:

Sly Antics

The Sly Antics: https://r8singer.wordpress.com/2016/04/04/manchester-band-sly-antics-serving-up-tasty-treats-for-your-ears/

The Dangerhounds: https://r8singer.wordpress.com/2016/02/29/get-hooked-on-the-dangerhounds/

The Brazen: https://r8singer.wordpress.com/2016/03/21/the-brazen-rock-the-stage-with-strong-guitars-and-solid-harmonies/

Red Light Revival: https://r8singer.wordpress.com/2016/06/13/red-light-revival-is-steeped-in-traditional-rock-and-blues-redlightrevival/

The Dangerhounds/Martyn Butler Photography

Since I have interviewed them, I found out Vexxes will be taking part too: https://r8singer.wordpress.com/2016/09/05/vexxes-find-common-ground-with-breakthrough-debut-album-vexxesofficial/


So, keep your eyes peeled in the next month, as I will have interviews coming from Erica, Mint, Stray Scene, FloodHounds,  Alex Hulme and a bunch more!


I also plan to attend, so a full festival follow-up story will be coming at the end of October.














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