The Orders Ready to Play Main Stage at Isle of Wight Festival @the_ordersuk

Tom Richardson Photography

Imagine being a high school student and getting invited to play at a major music festival held annually in your own hometown. Sounds like a dream come true, right?

For the three lads who are The Orders, it really is as they prepare to play for the fourth time at The Isle of Wight Festival.  They are sloted to play the Platform One stage June 11 at 7 p.m. and the Main Stage at 12:30 p.m. on  June 12.

Their unique blend of psychedelic/pop/rock and indie sounds are vibrant and mod. It’s a refreshing change from the bland sounds found in mainstream music today. Listen to “Animalistic” and shades of The Beatles surface. “Veronica’s Venom” features lush harmonies and “If Gold Dust Turns to Stone” has a punky surf rock groove.

The lads have been busy rehearsing this week, but singer/guitarist Kyle Chapman was able to find a few minutes to answer a couple of questions. While not a full interview, this short look at The Orders is enough to provide a peek at a band that seriously deserves a look and a listen.

So tell me who plays what instrument, and you guys started the band at 14?

I (Kyle Chapman) play lead guitar and vocalist and I also write the songs; Joe Rowe is our drummer; and Isaac Snow plays bass and backing vocalist. I think it was 15, we started the band when we were in high school.

What made you decide to start the band?

Our original intentions between me and Joe were to start the band to get a bit of money by playing in pubs but then an opportunity came up through our high school to play a stage at the festival, we started up the band through me knowing the two boys and bringing them together to get a half-hour set of covers to play for the IOW  Festival and we did and that was our first gig.

So that’s how you played the Platform One stage in 2013 … you played again in 2015?

No in 2013, we played the Hipshaker stage and then in 2014, they liked us and asked us back to play a better slot.  Then in 2015, we played Hey Joe stage and Platform One stage, and this year we are playing main stage.

Ok, great thanks for explaining it — there are a lot of stages! That’s cool you’ve been a part of the festival each year. What is it like?

It’s great being able to perform at the festival. We have always had good gigs there and it’s nice to see people enjoying themselves while listening to our music and we get a few people who recognize us as well, usually there heckling me for a plectrum in case we “get big,” haha.




You can find The Orders on Twitter at @the_ordersuk, on Facebook at, on Soundcloud at and on YouTube at .










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