Album review: Alex Roberts, “Slack Magic” @AlexRobertsMus


Alex Roberts — “Slack Magic” (Album released June 7)

There’s something about an artist who lives and breathes his music. Alex Roberts, a singer/songwriter from Blandford Forum, England, is just that kind of artist.

Roberts’ new album, “Slack Magic,” is a masterpiece and within a listen or two, it feels like an old friend. Ten songs fill this, his seventh album, and each one is nothing short of brilliant.
A man and his guitar can be a very powerful combination — it’s like they are two pieces of the same thing — and Roberts embodies this easily. Delightful nuances shine through when listening though headphones.

Roberts plays the slack guitar effortlessly and each song is a new delight.

The opening track, “Born With a Song” is a fitting intro to the album. The music is upbeat and bright and Roberts’ vocals are seemless, gliding over the melody.

“Come to My House” continues that welcoming sentiment, calling friends near and far to pull up a seat and relax with the singer.

On “High Hopes,” Roberts breaks out the harmonica and adds a bass line. The song offers an inspirational message about getting through the hard times without being preachy.

“Slack Magic” has a southern bluesy feel to it, as Roberts sings about taking time for yourself, because everyone needs a break some times.

“Strange Faith” plays almost like a lullaby, with bright tinkley keys in the background. It’s a very tender ballad.

“Sunday Morning Suzi” is a study in character as Roberts paints a watercolor picture with his words. It’s kind of a Dylanesque tune.

“Sweet Surrender” is a lively love song, a true testament to a beloved lover. Roberts lyrics are sheer poetry.

“The 81st Verse” leads off with the sweet harmonica as Roberts lyrically reminisces with a friend. It’s an auditory travelogue of wonderful memories.

“The Pyramid” is a cautionary tale about greed and deception, told with a rollicking guitar line that chugs right along.

“Warm Hearts & Wintry Moon” is a delicate love song told in verse, with a lively harmonica line and Roberts rich vocals flowing along.

This is the kind of album that needs repeated listens because new discoveries are made each time. Roberts music is magical and lovingly caresses the listeners ear with each gentle word.

Alex Roberts will be playing the Isle of Wight Festival on June 10 at Kashmir Cafe. His music can be purchased on iTunes and Amazon, and also on his website at He is on Twitter at @AlexRobertsMus and on Facebook at

Read a full interview with Alex here:


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