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The Dangerhounds are one of the best indie bands out of Leeds that you’ve probably never heard of — until now.

These lads are cranking out rocking tunes filled with catchy melodies and loaded with hooks. It’s impossible to listen to “Big Bad Wolf,” “Santiago” and “Stop Crying” and not feel the music — it just moves you. These lively tracks are bangers  — real firecrackers.

Band members are Adam Hume, vocals and rhythm guitar; Brad Moorcroft, bass; Tris Ellis, drums; and Obi Davis, lead guitar.

“Stop Crying” caught me immediately — the frantic tempo shifts and changes keep it popping, Adam’s lively vocals are spot on and tight. A definite foot tapper.

“Santiago” kicks into high gear from the start, loaded with energy and again, the psychotic tempo changes. It’s crazy good fun.

“Big Bad Wolf,” as expected is  a cautionary tale — with the female as the wolf. Adam’s stuttering adds to his nervousness in this wicked song. Talk about hooks — there’s enough here alone to fill a tackle box.

After hearing these tunes and talking with Adam on Twitter, it boggled me — how has no one discovered them yet? Well, this interview should help change that.

I had a fun and enlightening conversation with Adam and Brad recently. Here’s what they had to say about the band and the future — in their first ever interview.

Ok, so you guys are very fresh — when did you start playing together and how did you group up?

Adam: We are pretty fresh! It was October last year (2015) when I started putting up band member posters in and around our university, Leeds Beckett. I had advertised for a bass player, a drummer and a guitarist, and Brad was the first to reply.

Then we got a message from Tris, our drummer, and all of a sudden we were a three-piece.

We had a guitarist after that, when we started gathering together for practice sessions but he didn’t quite work with our style. Then Tris recommended Obi, a guitarist from his Nottingham-based band, and it all sort of came together from there after about two practices.

Brad: I saw Adam’s posters dotted around our university looking for a bassist. I thought “why not?” just on a whim and got in touch. I instantly found a liking to the songs and got to working out the bass part as soon as I could.

Had you already been writing the songs for the EP at that point, or after you guys met?

Adam: I had demos written for a little while before I advertised the posters. It was a university project for my songwriting Ph.D. on how to create catchy songs. When we started playing together, everyone started adding parts to what was already there and it evolved into something so much better than the demos were.

What is each of your musical backgrounds?

Adam: My background started when I was 8 and I picked up my dad’s old acoustic, and it all went from there. I grew up doing covers of pop songs solo and always wanted to get a band together after hearing bands like The Strokes, Kings of Leon and The Wombats.

Adam Hume/Elliot Laws photo

Brad: I’d previously played in various brass bands, folk groups and pop-rock band though high school and college. But in terms of the music I listen to, it ranges from all different rock genres through into everything electronic.

Adam: Tris is a grade 8 drummer, and has a serious presence behind the kit. He hits hard and fast and learns very quickly.

Obi was in the band HotBox with Tris back in Nottingham and has an exceptional ear for melody. Tris and Obi go back a while with HotBox and the bonus was that they already had a chemistry, and they are both great guys.We couldn’t have been luckier.

So are all of you students then? At what levels? Adam, you are working for a Ph.D., correct?

Adam: Yeah, I’m a year and a half into my Ph.D., another year and a half to go!

Brad: I’m a second year (of three) student studying Music Technology.

Ok, so I know you’ve got a stockpile of songs, do you write songs as a group? Do ideas come up when you practice?

Adam: I had like 10 songs that were just demos so some of the stuff was pre-written, but parts needed to be added to. Now, we’re actually penning songs together since we have a 30 minute set that we can play for a while on the gig circuit.

Some ideas do seem to just come out of the woodwork, little drum beats or riffs that we just elaborate on.

That’s great. How many shows have you played so far?

Brad: Surprisingly only two, both were really fantastic and we got a great reaction from both! We really think we surprised a few people, turned a few heads.

Dangerhounds Tris
Tris Ellis/Elliot Laws photo

I saw the video for “Santiago,” it really helped sell me on you guys. Also, Adam’s interview video impressed me as well. I could see you have something great here.

Adam: That video was from our debut gig at Double Denim Live in Verve bar in Leeds — our first song of the night and first ever live song now we think about it! We’re glad you think we do, we couldn’t be more pleased with the reaction people have had to our songs so far.

 I love that you don’t sound like anyone else. I can’t even think of a band to compare you to.

Brad: Thanks, that’s great to hear! We kind of gather influence from many bands we like, little ideas, and we put them together with our own styles of playing and writing.

Are you going to add harmonies to the songs?

Brad: Yeah, harmonies are definitely something we’re going to start implementing for sure! I’m currently providing a little bit of backing vocals live so far.

That would add more texture, for sure. Are you comfortable on the stage then?

Adam: I think we get a touch of pre-gig nerves like any band does just before the spotlights hit them, but by the time you’re started they evaporate and you just play. We all noticed we were getting into the songs pretty quickly and easily when learning them and it think that helps us in terms of on-stage confidence.

Brad: I’ve got quite a lot experience on stage in high school. It’s great to get back into it, but obviously, there are some nerves before gigs. My mum said “I need to shut up more between songs” to be honest, hahaha.

Brad Moorcroft/Elliot Laws photo

Haha, that’s funny. A bit of banter is good for a show. So you get a good rush from playing live?

Adam: Definitely, when you see feet start to tap and heads start to bob along to your song it’s a really good feeling.

Brad: Definitely! All I’ve wanted to do, from a young age, was just jump around stages with a bass around my neck bashing out awesome songs and singing along!

Have you got more shows lined up soon?

Adam: We have one on March 8 at Milo’s in Leeds supporting Blue Nation, a band currently on a UK tour which we’re looking forward to. We also have one or two lined up for after that.

Obi Davis/Elliot Laws photo

Great, are you looking into festivals?

Adam: We’ve applied for a good few yes, and hopefully they’ll be considering us even though we’re such a fresh band. I think we could hold our own at a festival pretty well with the energy of our material.

Yeah, I think the songs should speak for themselves. The age of the band should not be a factor.

Brad: Lets hope so, haha.

Have you started making friends with other local bands? It seems everyone helps boost each other here.

Brad: Of course. It’s a great community, in a way, where everyone’s in it to have fun and play music. We all just want to hear more and more from each other.

Adam: Yeah, we’ve used our Twitter/Facebook/Soundcloud to promote other acts that we like and we all seem to reciprocate. It definitely helps when you gig with them. It’s great seeing another band nail their set and getting the crowd pumped up.

Sure, the more friends the better and there are so many cool little bands that pop up every day. So, how often do you want to play? You want this to be a full-time job?

Adam: We’d love to be able to do it for a living, touring the world and playing shows, recording music, playing festivals. That’s the dream, it would never feel like work.

Brad: As long as possible, please, if you’re offering, hahaha.

You read it here first — I look for big things from the Dangerhounds this year, for sure! Get out and see them if you have the opportunity.

You can find them on the Web at, on Soundcloud at, on Twitter @dangerhounds , on Facebook at, on Instagram at, on iTunes at and on Spotify too. These guys are everywhere!








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