Indie Singer/Songwriters: Finding Success on Their Own Terms @homercrane1 @GrunAndy @fionamariapiano

This week’s blog is an ode to the singer/songwriter.

The man or woman who does everything — from writing their own songs, to playing some if not all of the instruments and singing too.

It takes a multitude of talents to be able to pull it all off successfully.

Here are just several individuals that I believe take their music to a whole new level.

There is no try for them — only do.

Homer Crane
Homer Crane is an amazing musician from Kerry, Ireland.

His deep voice carries his Irish brogue well, making songs like “Little Hush” have a lullaby quality. It has brash bits that provide a striking contrast and build the cacophony before returning to gentleness. Very complex.

His Soundcloud is filled with nine tracks, each more delightful than the last.

“If I” is mostly a capella, almost like a rhythmic tribal chant. Drums and cowbell punctuate the chorus.
“The Raven” has a circular feel to it, with hand-played drums and guitar.

“Australia” was the one that first caught me. It does what all great songs do — it tells a story. Just a singer and his guitar, it is so fantastic.

Homer Crane has got new music coming this spring and these songs mentioned and more can be found at, and on Twitter at @homercrane1 .






Fiona Maria
Fiona Maria is an absolute delight. She’s a singer/songwriter and piano player from Wicklow, Ireland.

She’s one of the few singer/songwriters in the Tori Amos/Sarah McLachlan vein who puts her heart and soul into her songs. Each song has such a personal feel, they are a joy to listen to.

The song “Raw” is a complicated study in emotion. Strings and piano build to weave an intricate melody.

“Never Pray” is a sad, melancholy tune, that starts simply on the piano and builds. The happy melody keeps it from getting maudlin.

“Explosions,” an Ellie Goulding cover, is gentle and touching. Every song Fiona sings is ethereal.

You can find her on Soundcloud on Twitter at @fionamariapiano and on her website at








Andy Green
Andy is — quite literally — a one-man band. The English musician had been, until the end of last year, the guitarist and songwriter for a trio.

As the group disbanded, Andy didn’t hide in a corner and wallow. He pulled himself up by his boot straps and determined to succeed, re-evaluated his situation and decided to turn lemons into lemonade.

With lots of determination and a shoestring budget, Andy spent several days in a studio in Berlin, Germany, recording “The Nearly Men,” an 18-song demo on which he played all instruments and sang.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Andy has many more songs to follow, done in various styles.

One song, “Freefall,” is a carryover from the aforementioned band. It’s a quality track, led by stellar guitar playing and Andy’s ace songwriting.

“Punk Song 66” is a particular favorite of mine, because it’s rambunctious, frantic and exciting.

“In a Hole” kicks off the demo with wonderful guitar hooks and circular tendencies.

A second demo just released on Feb. 16 features a punk-tinged “Taken For a Fool” and the bouncy “Get Yourself Together.” Check it out!

Andy has just released a new EP: . Be sure to get it, it’s a banger.

Even as a rough demo, Andy’s brilliance comes shining through. You can find the demos up for listening to at and .  Be sure to follow Andy on Twitter at @GrunAndy for the latest news and banter.





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