Partisan: Fighting the Good Fight Armed with Rocking Anthems @Wearepartisan


Partisan, in three words: Brilliant bombastic hard-working blue-collar royalty.

OK, I lied. Even five words (hyphenated ones count as one) still don’t do justice to explain this supremely entertaining trio from Manchester.

Each song is so well-crafted and unique, providing a new experience with every note. I’ve fallen in love with the fast-paced hungry “Animal” and I am blown away by the wildly careening-out-of-control “Grounded.” These are stadium quality tracks, without a doubt.

The anthemic “Pushing Up Daisies” is pure delight and “Juggernaut” … flies right out of the atmosphere on crazy hooks and riffs.

So, with this bit of knowledge, I sent the lads some questions to answer so as to get to know them better both as a band and as individuals. The answers they sent back are quite entertaining.

Stuart Armstrong is the lead singer and lead guitarist, Rob Jones is the drummer and Dan Albon is the bassist.

Below are their answers, with as little editing as possible. Get set for some colorful commentary:

Question: How long have you been playing? When did you start and what got you interested?

Partisan formed in 2013 and Rob (drummer) joined in summer 2015.

Question: How did you come to be in Partisan?

Dan – I heard someone play “Juggernaut” in (Rob) the drummer’s car and asked to join the band.
Rob – The manager stalked me to join through finding them on the Internet and I was blown away by “Juggernaut.”
Stu – My last band split up and I had lots of songs and wanted to get back into it.

Question: What started you wanting to play music?

Dan – Listening to “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin, then I decided I could play guitar! (He had an epiphany)
Rob – Watching “Under a Blood Red Sky” by U2. I bought a kit and learned the drum beat.
Stu – I went to a school play and the character played guitar and got lots of chicks, and I thought “I want that!”



Question: When did you start writing songs?

Rob – I had a go and it was awful so left that to Stu.
Dan – I only wrote a couple of songs with full lyrics, but mainly I put chords together!
Stu – I learned three chords and after listening to “Never Mind the Bollocks” by the Sex Pistols, I thought “I could do that!”

Question: Where do your song ideas come from? Do you write a lot?

Stu – I write all the time, and about stuff I have experienced. I think it’s really important to write about stuff you know about. It’s therapy.

Question: What excites you about music? What lights your passion?

Dan – There is a weird unspoken telepathy you have within a band.
Rob – Ditto.
Stu – it’s a universal language and it evokes powerful emotions regardless of what language you speak.

Question: How often do you play live?

As often as we can that’s what it’s all about and we love to perform.

Question: What’s the best part of performing?

Getting lost in the energy on stage. It’s the best high you’ll ever have, the best buzz! When you see people enjoying it and coming up to you after is really amazing.

Question: Any pre-show rituals?
Don’t drink! Don’t smoke weed! Always try and tune the guitars to each other.

Question: Best gig you’ve ever played?

Dan – Supporting Lyndisfarm at a festival in Yorkshire, England. Also supported Kaiser Chiefs and Libertines.
Rob – Whiskeyagogo, Los Angeles, Calif.
Stu – A bit of a strange one — Status Quo at Whitehaven Festival, England.

Question: Worst gig ever?
Dan – A gig in Scarborough and the singer had a cold and they paid us to stop playing.
Rob – A charity gig in Manchester — no sound guy, wrong place in the venue and two bands pulled out and played to an empty room, had a practice and trashed the place.
Stu – Manchester Academy, because I tuned the lead guitarists’ guitar to E flat by mistake!

Question: Give me the back story on Six10repeater (Stu’s former band). Why didn’t it work? What was different?

Six10repeater formed when Stu moved to Manchester 8 years ago, initially did really well and was starting to get good support slots and two songs on the game “Pro Evolution Soccer.”
We went through managers at a rate of knots and after sacking the last one, we lost the plot and the momentum fizzled out.
We didn’t have the first clue about the industry and with a lack of management, we messed it all up. Now we are wiser and can take Partisan forward.


Fun questions:
Question: Build a dream one-night band to see perform. (Performers can be dead or alive)

Drums – Dave Grohl
Frontman – Freddie Mercury
Bass – John Paul Jones
Guitar – Matt Bellamy

Question: Tell me some funny stories — give me some printable dirt on each of you:

Dan – I once played a gig and the bass player shat himself so we had to stop the gig.
Rob – ……. (apparently nothing printable … )
Stu – I shagged Morrissey’s niece in a toilet once.

Question: Nicknames — and why:

Dan – He-Man (because he looks like him) or Afghani Danny (because he likes to indulge in herbal pleasures).
Rob – I am still working on one.
Stu – Fatty Vonbismark (my alter ego).

Question: What’s on your band rider — your “must haves” (when you get one):

Evian water, Budweiser beer, Reese’s Peanut bars, Hershey’s chocolate, a masseuse, a 1950’s jukebox, moleskin gloves and a cheeseboard (it must include grapes, red and white).

Question: “Star Wars” or “Star Trek”?

“Star Wars”

Question: Your guilty pleasure … TV, movie, music, book etc.:

Dan – ABBA.
Rob – Phil Collins.
Stu – Playing air guitar to Bryan Adams.

To listen to Partisan’s music, go to, follow them on Twitter at @stuartpartisan @danny_albon @robjones78rouge , on the web at and on Facebook at









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    1. Great taste! Those are two of my favorites as well. Juggernaut is sweet too. You should look up the early version of Partisan — Six10Repeater — Stu is the songwriter so many songs have carried over to Partisan.

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