New, Hot and Now: See and Hear What You’ve Been Missing @Junction25UK @Dad_its_a_fairy @iamFabioGeria @BSRevolver

Sometimes, you just need a quickie.

You know what I mean.

Long stories and interviews are great, but sometimes the excitement of discovering a cool new band makes me want to rush headlong into helping get them seen by others.

Today is one of those days and I am breaking my own rules.

I am going to introduce bands from multiple countries and genres.

The one big thing they have in common: they all got my attention immediately.

So, with that said, join me for a quickie:


Junction 25

Junction 25 is a trio out of East Midlands, England. They are relatively new to the indie scene and are bringing bright, fresh sounds.

The band features Lewis Hall on vocals, guitar and songwriting; James Atkins on lead guitar; and Callum Sanderson on bass. They are looking to add a drummer at the moment.

The first two songs from the lads — with more promised — are the delightfully bouncy “Big Blue Eyes” and the melancholy but wishful “Midnight Haze.” I am eagerly waiting to hear what else these lads will come up with.

Junction 25’s influences come from everyone from The Beatles to Oasis. I can almost hear a bit of Van Morrison slipping in too.

Give them a listen on Soundcloud and give them a much deserved follow on Twitter @junction25UK. Their website is








Decomposing in Paris

Decomposing in Paris is an avant-garde trio from Belfast, Ireland. They have a unique sound and style I’ve not heard elsewhere in new indie bands.

Becca Hopkins is the vocalist, joined by Garvin Clements on guitar and Aoife Lynch on keyboards and drums.

Hopkins’ influences of Kate Bush and Bjork are obvious in the sweet and supremely dramatic song “He Loves Me Not.” The live accompanying video is equally dark.

Another track, “Fireworks” is delicate and tender. Overall, their music is a sheer delight.

Decomposing in Paris can be found at and on Twitter at @Dad_its_a_fairy . Give them a listen and a follow:





Fabio Geria

You’ve probably not heard of Fabio Geria — yet. He’s a young singer/songwriter from Reggio Calabria, Italy.

I first saw his video for “Gettin’ Over You” and was impressed with the dynamics of the song, in its symphonic quality. Quite unexpected.

A second song “Take Control” shows another side of this versatile young man. It has a seductive groove that glides right along.

Check him out at and follow him on Twitter at @iamFabioGeria .






Black Sonic Revolver

Based in Manchester, England, Black Sonic Revolver barrels full force out of the speakers in wave after wave of melodic delight.

I love good ear candy and this band is truly a treat. Their Soundcloud is like a chocolate box loaded with all kinds of goodies. Do go exploring — you won’t be disappointed.

Band members are Leon James Kenny on lead vocals, guitar and songwriting;  Dave Smith on drums; Adam Keen on guitar; and Ryan Vernon on bass.

“Space and Time” has just that kind of sound … a bit space-agey new wavey, a bit rock … all adding up to fantastic. “Loose Lips” blends psychedelic sounds with jangly gunslinger chords.

You can find them on the web at and follow them on Twitter at @BSRevolver .









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