Young Irish Bands Crafting Killer Tunes @TheAcademic @TheKlares @VANNMUSIC

Finding a good band is a lot like eating potato chips … one great song leads to another and another and another … and pretty soon, you want to listen to everything the band has ever done and you still want more.

While researching these three bands, I found myself becoming immersed in their music. The more I listened, the more I wanted to hear.

So sit back, dig in and enjoy … Irish bands The Academic, The Klares and Vann Music are up-and-comers who are making fantastic music.



The Academic
This tight foursome formed the band in 2013 while still in school in Mullingar, County Westmeath, Northern Ireland.

Musically, these lads have it together. Just barely around 20 years of age, Craig Fitzgerald, vocalist/rhythm guitarist; Matt Murtagh, lead guitar/backing vocals; Stephen Murtagh, bass/backing vocals; and Dean Gavin, drums/backing vocals, craft music well beyond their years.

They have been spot-on when choosing cover songs. Massive props go out for their versions of Shania Twain’s “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” Taylor Swift’s “Style” and Whitney Houston’s classic “I Will Always Love You.”

I really love that they don’t mess with the gender identity in the songs, where other bands might rework it. It reminds me of Bryan Ferry’s classic take on “It’s My Party,” when he sings “Nobody knows where my Johnny has gone …”

But it’s their originals that really catch fire. The first single “Different” is bouncy, energetic, intense and lively. It’s infused with good hooks and a catchy chorus.

The newest single, “Northern Boy” is a lovely gem, starting softly then building to an anthematic plea for love. It’s a stunner to be sure.

Their original “Girlfriend” is sure to win over the female fans, so much so that they might want to hire security … well, maybe not. It’s a sweet ballad that shows off the lads’ terrific harmonies.

Their date book is filled with shows in Scotland, England and Ireland through October. Don’t miss them when they play near you.

Follow The Academic on Twitter @TheAcademic , or on Facebook.












The Klares
These four lads from Dublin know how to rock. They can lay down a good beat and make it dance around.

School friends, The Klares have been together as a band since 2012 — and they are just finishing their final year. They’ve released two EPs, “Dirty Birds” in November 2013 and “Cookoo” at the end of May.

“Cookoo” features jangly guitars and a throbbing bass line, punctuated by Andy Burke’s
jumpy vocals. It has a kind of cool, retro almost psychedelic feel to it. It’s recognizable after just a few listens.

Rounding out the band are Jordan Lawless, bass/vocals; Eoin O’Shea, lead guitar; and Cormac Sheridan, drums/vocals.

“Dress to Impress” starts with manic drums and the throbbing bass line, then marches along at a chugging tempo.

“Leave Without Me Tonight” is hook-filled, retro-ish and bass heavy. It’s easy to sink in and feel the vibe The Klares are giving off.

With the songs these lads write, they are going to be going places – soon.

Catch them as support for The Bohicas on Oct. 15 at The Academy in Dublin. To keep up with them, follow them on Twitter @TheKlares , on Facebook or











Vann Music
Vann Music in one word: Addictive.

The songs that this Dublin group crafts are that good. There are so many words to describe their sound: new wave/electronica/synth pop/French house music.

Every word is accurate – it just depends on the song.

The group is anchored by Aaron Smyth’s velvety vocals (he also plays guitar and synth); Phil Costello on lead guitar, synth and vocals; Rob Von Bergen on drums; and Ross Fortune on bass, synth and vocals.

“Boy,” their latest offering, is so pure, its gentle smooth sound just sucks you in. It’s stripped down, almost Muse-ish – and that’s a good thing.

“Tina” is a bouncy, buoyant piece of pop fluff and “Life in Real Time” flows along with perfect synth hooks.

“Gold and Silver” is very electronic, keyboard-centric. Definitely a dance track.

“Into the Night” is melodic electronica, catchy, hooky, fun. It’s like a well-polished gem.

To find out when and where they are playing, follow them on Twitter @VANNMUSIC , on Facebook or at







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