The Sky’s the Limit for Rising English Indie Musicians @TheSherlocks @TheBarmines @JamesTWmusic

The Twitterverse is filled with great singers and bands from all around the world.

I am delighted to have a forum to spotlight musicians that I think are the cream of the crop, the ones that truly have unique talents and the abilities to rise to the top of the field.

Some have been out there for a while and some are brand new.

This week’s trio of rising stars hail from England and all have amazing talent and impeccable musicianship.

Meet the Sherlocks, the Barmines and James TW.



The Sherlocks
Pay close attention: These lads from Sheffield are going places and once their success takes off, it won’t stop.

Five years ago, brothers Kiaran and Brandon Crook met brothers Josh and Andy Davidson, and the four formed a cover band, playing classics by The Beatles, The Jam, The Police and The Clash.

Then they started writing original songs and found those got an even bigger response from fans. Two years ago, they switched to all originals — and never looked back.

Recently, the Sherlocks played at the Reading and Leeds Festivals – early stage times, mind you – and were expecting 100 fans … and instead had roughly a sea of 3,000 fans at each cramming the stage.

Talk about a mind-blowing experience. That’s the power of great music and it’s all happened with just two singles, no radio airplay, no press coverage and no record label.

The music speaks for itself.

Vocalist/guitarist Kiaran is the primary songwriter, collaborating with band mates drummer Brandon, lead guitarist Josh and bassist Andy.

“Live for the Moment” and “Escapade” have the band’s trademark sound elements – frantic guitars and a throbbing backbeat, with Kiaran’s silky smooth vocals dancing across the tracks. He has a way with the turn of a phrase.

The Sherlocks are a tight, well-polished band with a big future ahead.

“Heart of Gold” is their upcoming single, with an album due for release on Nov. 6.

Follow The Sherlocks on Twitter @thesherlocksUK on the Web at








The Barmines
This group from Leeds is working hard to build a solid reputation for themselves – as a hard-rocking band that can really lay down a solid groove.

They are booked through September and October with shows throughout England, including Manchester, Leeds and London. Guaranteed they will be playing to packed houses, so plan early.

Singer/guitarist Rob Burton is ably supported by band mates Leam Hayes on guitar, Liam Lockey on drums and James May on bass. This band is built to impress.

In late 2013, they released a four song EP “There’s Never Any Romance,” led off with the steamy romp “Feel Good” and followed by the bass heavy “Beauty Queen.”

“Hey Runner” and “Dirty Pretty Little Lies” hold their own as solid rockers as well, making this EP a must-have.

The Barmines’ March release single “These Days and Nights” is awash in a wall of sound that builds and dips with insistent guitars and solid drumming. It is fast, aggressive and deliciously crunchy.

The new single, “Sky’s the Limit,” brings out more of the band’s straight-forward British rock influences, like Oasis, The Stone Roses and the Arctic Monkeys.

For specifics on when and where to see them live – and by all means, do – follow them on Twitter @TheBarmines or on Facebook and Instagram or their Website,







James TW
Sometimes, all you need is a voice and a guitar – Internet sensation James TW has both.

This talented young lad from the Midlands area began posting videos of his performances of popular songs at 13.

He is 17 now and as well as posting covers of Ed Sheeran and John Mayer songs, he has a handful of great original songs too.

James’ covers are impressive in their simplicity – bare bones, usually acoustic guitar although some are with an electric guitar or keyboards – and that’s what caught my attention to begin with.

His cover of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On,” done with the electric guitar at 15, blew me away. After that, I had to watch more.

Not a song disappoints.

He handles Sheeran’s “Don’t” like a pro, using a loop track to provide the background accompaniment and Mayer’s “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” is pure and beautiful.

His original “Just a Number” is a delight, infused with subtle humor as he sings of wanting to date an “older” woman (all of 3 years older, lol!).

“Holding On” is a treat too as you see him in the studio going through the process of recording each instrument track and lyrically, it is sweet poetry.

You can see how he has grown and is becoming educated as a budding songwriter. Definitely, keep your eye on James.

He has recently been signed to Island Records, so watch for him to be performing more shows soon.

Follow James @jamestwmusic and watch his videos on YouTube at





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