English Indie Bands Bring the Punk, Funk and Rock and Roll @casualagenda @TheMantells

When it comes to music, my ear knows what it likes.

Immediately, when I hear a song for the first time, I can tell if I am going to like it.

A great song is kind of like a smack upside the head – it just hits you and you have to pay attention.

This week I have three English bands that if you haven’t heard yet, this is your wake-up call – so listen up.

Casual Agenda, The Sherpas and The Mantells are all worth a long listen.



Casual Agenda

This group from the Brownhills in the West Midlands, England, has a punk soul.

A little Ramones, a little Sex Pistols, a little Joy Division — it all adds up to total fun.

As soon as “Moonlight” started, my knee started to bounce and I started drumming along.

It had me that fast.

Singer/guitarist Pedro Roper is joined by bassist Joe Service and drummer Dan Bott. Talk about a power trio.

Casual Agenda’s sound is raucous, with punk tendencies. Once they start, they don’t slow down.

“Second Bite Tonight” is hyper, almost manic, with looping, circular guitar chords and chorus.

Turn Casual Agenda on, then crank them up.

Casual Agenda has just announced they will be playing on Sept. 26 at the Salford Music Festival. See more details at salfordmusicfestival.co.uk.





The Sherpas

Feeling a bit funky? Then have I got the band for you.

The Sherpas know how to bring the funk and roll with “Wilderness,” a song with big grooves and bright tones.

The lads from Exeter harmonize well together and play like a well-tuned unit.

Vocalist Pierre Roxton leads the group, with Ben Milverton and Jake Daniel on guitars, JJ Williams on drums and Chris Tilke on bass.

“Six Steps” is an energetic funky song that trips along the bouncy guitar line and smooth bass line before it rocks out.

The Sherpas are definitely a party band.

The Sherpas have just released a list of dates for shows they will be playing from Sept. 30 through Oct. 31.

The towns include Northampton, Cardiff, Middlesborough, Leeds and Bristol.

A complete list of dates and locations can be found at thesherpas.co.uk.





The Mantells

This trio from Manchester has a working-class-hero kind of charm.

They write songs for the everyman, the hard working-class blokes who are just working for the weekend.

The “Payday Playboys,” if you will. Their newest song, of that title,  is a bass-heavy bouncy rocker.

Tom Barrow leads on vocals and guitar, with brothers Dale and Lewis Moran on bass and drums. They’ve been a trio since 2014.

The Mantells have an easy-going style and the way they play, it doesn’t even sound like they are trying hard.

It’s virtually effortless.

“How to Say It” rocks with a great bass line and smooth harmonies and “Men in Suits” shows how tight the trio is.

Follow your feet to the dance floor and join in. These lads rock.

The Mantells just announced they will be playing on Oct. 31 at the Night & Day Cafe in Manchester for the This Feeling night along with Flesh, Viola Beach and Whitecliff. Details to follow soon.

Find them on Twitter and Facebook.





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