Ride the Wave: Irish Bands Making Waves Across the Atlantic @5DSOfficial @dday_official @CryMonsterCry

Ever feel like you are riding a wave — be it energy, water of whatever — you are just in the right place at the right moment to get caught up in the excitement as it rises?
I am on that wave right now.

There is a surge of Irish pride growing like a gigantic wave — the hashtag #brilliantirishbands has taken over Twitter and it is perfect timing — to help get the word out about up-and-coming bands that otherwise might be overlooked.

Sure, the giants like U2 are always going to get the press … but there are so many more bands out there that deserve exposure.

At just the tip of the iceberg, I’ve got three to shine a light on today — 5 Dollar Shakes, D-Day Band and Cry Monster Cry — with many, many more to follow.

They are all original to their own styles, all very talented musicians and all very much in love with performing.
If you are lucky enough to get a chance to see these guys play live, please do and then share the riches!



5 Dollar Shakes
Ever go to a party and a band breaks out? Yeah, they are kind of like that.

These five guys from Gorey, Wexford, write bright, bouncy pop and rock songs with catchy hooks.

Their harmonies blend together seamlessly and flawlessly.

The original song “Dutch” has some Weezer tendencies, but is the perfect blend of bright guitars, a solid bass line and smooth vocals from frontman Jack McEvoy.

Rounding out the talent are Colin Doran, guitar and vocals; Caleb Dowdall, vocals and guitar; Richard Deering, bass; and Ciaran O’Doherty on drums.

Other originals to be found on SoundCloud are “Made in China,” “Oceans,” “Name” and “Fire to the Sun.” Each is a new facet of the bands’ sound.

“Stuck in the ’80s” is  preview for their forthcoming EP.

Get ready to party!



DDay band
D-Day Band
I was blown away on first listen to “Eyes Open,” a strong rocking statement from this young-ish group of musicians.

Don’t be fooled – these guys from Galway, Ireland, have musical sensibilities and talents that belie their years.

They show a strong musicianship and bluesy-rock stylings.

Band members are Darragh Whyte, lead vocals and guitar; Keith Whyte, drums; Chris Breslin, bass and vocals; and Cathal Sweeney, rhythm guitar and vocals.

“Long Time Gone” is a rocker in the vein of The Rolling Stones and George Thorogood. It’s a foot stomper for sure.

Even their covers rock – the Knack’s “My Sharona” got me from the start with the solid, low rumbling bass line, and I am a Knack fan from way back.

Their favorite cover is the Foo Fighter’s “Arlandria,” another hard rocker that spotlights their individual strengths.

They have a residency every second Sunday for a while at Fibber McGees in Galway and are looking to line up some shows in September and October.

Be sure to check them out.



Cry Monster Cry
Brothers Richie and Jamie Martin from Dublin cultivate a consistent sound throughout their folkish songs – perfect harmonies and subtle melodies.

There is a rich sense of tradition in their songwriting as they sing of simple things – love, life and loss … and every song shines.

The ballad “As Long as You’re Left to Carry On” is soft, delicate and melancholy, but wistfully hopeful at the same time.

“This New Country” comes chugging in like a locomotive rumbling down the tracks taking the listener on a musical journey.

“Atlas” features lush, soaring harmonies that grow and build.

Look for their EP “The Fallen” and new full album, “Rhythm of Dawn.”

The Martin brothers have a lot more to say, this is just the beautiful beginning. They are not to be missed.


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