Music in the Making: Michael Reed (aka Mikey Guitar) Does it All @MikeyGuitar @bauermusic @Mutineers_

England – specifically Manchester — is a hotbed for up-and-coming musicians.

Michael Reed — aka Mikey Guitar — is one of the busiest musicians around.

The Danish-born guitarist was a member of the Mutineers, is a guitar-slinger for Bauer, a recording player for the Red-Sided Garter Snakes and a solo artist.

His stint with the Mutineers, self-described as a melancholic indie pop band, resulted in the album “Friends, Lovers, Rivals” and follow-up singles “Tell Me Why” and “Love, It’s a Killer.”

The songs are chock-full of perfect harmonies and jangly guitars.

Reed has been a part of Bauer, a synth-pop group since 2006, adding his signature guitar sound to the ethereal sounding “Starting Again,” with a wall of sound that builds and crescendos and the equally techno-centric “Connected.” Both songs are an easy listen and sound familiar instantly.

His Bauer band mates are frontman Greg Matthews, bassist Neil Treppas and drummer Lee Bradbury.

As a side project, he and Greg Matthews contributed to the Red-Sided Garter Snakes recent collaborative album, “Endless Sea.”

And if that isn’t enough, he also is a DJ and teaches guitar lessons.

Reed’s newest project — well over a year in the making — is a mostly solo effort. The “Fables” album was totally done out-of-pocket and with fan support and crowdfunding.

The album features 12 songs written by Reed (and includes “Emilie” featuring Matthews on vocals). The songs cover a variety of musical styles, but all feature Reed’s intricate stylings.

He just released a four-song EP “Emilie” on Aug. 10, and the full album, “Fables,” is being mailed to buyers as I write. Matthews provides vocals on “Emilie,” the wistful, psychedelic-tinged opening track. Also included on the EP are “Fugitives (Trip Mix),” “River Song” and “Emilia (Summer Eyes).”

Reed is strictly a guitarist and not a vocalist — as he told me once in a Twitter chat — But, the way he plays the guitar, it sings sweetly right along and vocals aren’t needed.

Have a look and a listen and see if you agree:

Follow him at @MikeyGuitar_ find Bauer at @Bauermusic_ the Mutineers at @Mutineers_


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