Ireland: Home to a Wealth of Musical Talent @nafiannamusic @eoinglackin @TheEnemiesMusic

Don’t you just love it when good musicians/bands find you?

Right now, Twitter is my best friend.

Yes, you heard me correctly.

In just a short two months, I have gone from barely using Twitter — usually just checking celebrity news — to it becoming my right arm.

It’s funny how it happened.

There I was, minding my own business, following some English, Scottish and Irish musicians, then up pops this Canadian — Ryan Kelly (shameless plug for his story here — — by whose encouragement this blog got started.

Now that I have given him props and shared his story, I felt it time to share the love and spend some space introducing some of the Irish contingent who have been delighting my ears and eyes these past few weeks.

Stories on some up-and-coming English and Scottish musicians are to follow shortly.

Eoin Glackin

Eoin Glackin
Glackin, of Dublin, came on a Twitter recommendation of an actor/Irish musician — Colin O’Donoghue, who had played guitar for The Enemies (see below) and now plays a right fine pirate by the name of Killian Jones/Captain Hook in ABC TV’s “Once Upon A Time.”

A great recommendation it was! Glackin’s songwriting style is of the traditional storyteller … think — but don’t compare him to — Bruce Springsteen. He is more than that. He’s a fresh voice for a new generation.

He can rock out with a full band on “You Are The Revolution” and then turn introspective in a sensitive ballad, “Pretty Girls,” and flirty in the playful “Hello Caroline.”

Acoustically he shines when covering songs you would not expect — The Pet Shop Boys’ “You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk” and Springsteen’s “Highway Patrolman” from the “Nebraska” album.

The more I listen to Glackin, the more I want to hear from him. His voice flows comfortably into my ears as he sings of the trials and tribulations of life. This is a guy I would enjoy sharing a pint and a long conversation with.

Follow him on Twitter @eoinglackin

The Enemies

The Enemies
This pop rock band from Drogheda band, on the East coast of Ireland, can really rock. Whether singing an original like “Pretty Valentine,” or covering David Bowie in an amazing version of “Space Oddity,” their sound is solid.

The Enemies first formed in 2003, released a debut EP in 2011, then a full album, “Sounds Big on the Radio,” in 2013.

Frontman is Ronan McQuillan, lead guitarist is Johnny Crean, bassist is Eugine Theron and Jimmy Brennan is the drummer. Colin O’Donoghue played guitar with the band until his acting career took off. Now he joins the band occasionally just for fun.

“The Letter” is their latest video. It is a truly beautiful song and the creative stop-motion video had the same effect on me as Pixar movies — it made me teary-eyed, but in a good way. Don’t miss this gem.

Look for them on Twitter @TheEnemiesMusic

Na Fianna

Na Fianna
One of the hottest, fastest rising Irish bands is Na Fianna.

Fresh off the release of “Unearthed” on July 31, 2015, they are prepared to make a name for themselves worldwide.

A Celtic rock band that performs contemporary and traditional Irish music with a twist, the group originally started in 2007 and was perfected in 2014, with Hugh Finn on banjo and vocals, Ciaran Finn on guitar and vocals, Peter McMahon on percussion and vocals, and James O’Connor on accordion and vocals.

Ciaran and Hugh hail from Rathdowney, County Laois, in the heart of the Midlands of Ireland.

James and Peter are originally from Tournafulla, in west Limerick, Ireland. All four grew up with strong musical roots.

The group takes their name from a group of men that protected Ireland from the first through the fourth century. The men came from different tribes with the same goal — to protect and preserve the Irish way of life, the culture and the arts.

The song “ Toora Loora Lay” leads the charge for the band, with a bouncy melody and a marching beat.

You will be singing along a long time before it is over. The album “Unearthed” is like a box of fine chocolates, loaded with tasty tracks to discover upon listening. Not a single track disappoints.

Look for Na Fianna as they visit the U.S. in the coming months. Here’s hoping for a Pittsburgh date!

Find them on Twitter @nafiannamusic


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