Sexy is ….

Sexy Dave

Everyone has their own idea of what sexy is.

Sometimes it is a superficial as the person’s looks.

Sometimes it goes deeper into who they are, what they do and what they believe in.

But it always comes back to one thing — you know it when you see it and hear it.

I’m sure my definition of sexy is different from yours, but when it comes to music, there are certain things that grab my eyes and ears right away:

• The look. A singer has to have a certain swagger, a certain glow of an unquenchable fire burning in their eyes, a certain delivery of the lyrics that flow from their mouths like the sweetest honey.

• The sound. The timbre of their voice can be high, low or somewhere in between, but it’s got to grab me and shake my soul to its core.

• The feel. You can really feel a powerful voice. It’s like a loving embrace that wraps around you and lures you in. It makes you want to hear more songs from the singer to see what all they can do.

• The lyrics. Just the lyrics of a song can draw me in. I like a song filled with picture evoking words. As a writer, words are important to me. They can make me cry, laugh, smile and feel sexy too.

• The music. The songs I enjoy best have great hooks. It can be the bass line, deep and sexy. Maybe it is the screaming guitar, a solid drum line or a certain keyboard combination.

It’s the amalgamation of all of these elements that makes something sexy to me. There are many great singers out there, and these are just some that fill all of these elements in my eyes.

Take a look and a listen.

Elvis Presley

Elvis was the total package — he had the looks, he had the voice, he had the swagger … and while he couldn’t act very well, the movie camera loved him and he seemed to enjoy trying to act.

He could sing anything to me. I am delighted to have access to the Sirius radio channel devoted to his music. It’s one I listen to often.


Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode)

Dave is to me the definition of sex on legs … deep, dark, intense, broody, moody, charismatic and charming, all rolled into one.

His velvety voice makes me melt. There is passion in every word he sings.

On stage, oh, he’s got the swagger, with some to spare. Whether he’s waltzing around the stage or caressing the microphone while gazing intently into the audience, he can hold the fans transfixed on his every move.

Dave only gets better with age. He’s now found his style, cleaned up his personal life and begun to take more of a songwriter role alongside Martin Gore in Depeche Mode.


Chrissy Amphlett (Divinyls)

Chrissy was a take-charge, call the shots kind of woman. It’s a shame we lost her to breast cancer in 2013 at just 53 years old.

Her Australian twang was a trademark, as was her fiery reddish-brown hair, bangs draping  into her big doe eyes.

She had it all. She could at once taunt you, tease you and tell you the thousands of ways she would please you, all with a smile on her face.

Chrissy could strut, pout and writhe around the floor with the best of them and then let her emotions out on a sensitive ballad.


Ian Astbury (The Cult)

Ian has cultivated a look somewhere between hippy and native American, with his long dark hair and powerfully intense gaze.

He is truly a power singer.

You feel his passion in the way he commands the stage.

Swagger is his middle name.

Older and more mature, he still has the vocal chops.


Adam Ant

Adam Ant was the first rocker to make the pirate/swashbuckler look popular.

The guy-liner, the boots, the puffy shirts and embellished jackets presented quite a picture.

His music grazed the cuff between rock and punk, with hints of electronic and dance thrown in for good measure.
He strutted with such swagger in the pirate garb, I couldn’t help but be entranced.

That intensity shined through, even on solo works.

He is still performing now, with a new album in the works for the fall.


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